Friday, June 29, 2012

Holy Wars? Again?? WTH?

Don't even get me started...

( ¡T_T)\(^-^ )

Now I know what you're all thinking.

"Thought the next event was Slayers/Champions of Fafner?"

"Where's the quest event?"

"Is she really using Japanese symbols to emote her frustration?"

I'll tell you where.
In the hands of the developers. LoL

Notice that this is a resurrected event.

No new cards, Same prizes as from the previous Holy Wars. Along with the term "Resurrection...". So why did they do it?

My sources tell me it's because of their 1,000,000 user campaign. It doesn't look good to go this long without an event. Since the other one is taking longer to format than expected, they went with an easier root. Hence the release of the new HRs (with 19k TRO-ELF! that's only an HR!)
(=´∀`)人(´∀`=), before the announcement of HW. So fear not people. I'm sure a quest event is on the horizon. Just have to wait a little longer than expected.

In my opinion, they rushed out this event to distract us on how they were going to rectify their drop-rate percentage in users around level 2 by throwing them the excitement of the ever powerful and elusive invite card.
( ̄^ ̄)ゞ
Never mind that the decrease is actually caused by the number of emulated users bailing after the referral bonus kicks in! That and they can take at a stab a legend pack. Why do all the work to get to level 10? Unless they increase the HR & up droprate again within the Legend Packs. Because that will at least entice the emulator to stay on till level 10. (−_−;)

Sorry to run of on a tangent, but cygames makes me a little crazy with the way they go around their ass to get to their elbow. I'm sure not making the invite cards harder to obtain will continue to deplete their value for the users who obtain them legitimately. Seeing the stock rise from the personal HP/CW experiment is still yet to be seen. So who knows. Time will only tell.

For more info on HWars go to the Events Tab above.

New High Rares Evo's

Claymore Maid

Stage1: ATK:3380 DEF:2700
PWR Required:25
Skill:[Dragonica Claymore]
Effect:Big boost to man ATK

Trow Elf

Stage 1: ATK:3680 DEF:2390
PWR Required:25
Skill:[Mana Sphere]
Effect:Big boost to gods ATK


Stage 1: ATK:2640 DEF:3440
PWR Required:25
Skill:[Holy Splash]
Effect:Big boost to gods DEF


# Synthetic: # of cards used during Evo process

Straight: No maxing before Evo. Also known as regular Evo

Just before Max: cards that were maxed only after stage 3 Evo and then again after final form. Aka: #-2 Evo.

All Max: Cards that were maxed before and after every stage of the Evo Process. Aka perfect Evo

Wednesday, June 27, 2012



Stats on Legend Packs. What's the deal??

I'm interested in hearing from you guys regarding legend claim tickets and buying card packs. Let's figure out some ratios once and for all.

Please comment below on what card types you have received from your legend packs. Let's figure out whether or not this is a good investment.

Please state the following:

•1• Your Account(s) level

•2• How many free claim tickets you have received (approx. include event prize tickets too)

•3• What rarity type of cards have you have received?

•4• Have you ever received a High Rare or higher rarity card?

•5• If so, what was it? Was it from your claim tickets or RageMedals (ios version) aka MobaCoins (Android version)?

•6• Your IGN (optional)

★If we get over 100 comments, I will gift the person who answers these questions the most concisely (best of their ability) 500k and 10cw

for the upcoming quest event. If that doesn't interest you, then just answer as best as you can for no reason other to see whether or not buying these card packs are worth it.

New High Rare Card Evo's


Master Samurai



# Synthetic: # of cards used during Evo process

Straight: No maxing before Evo. Also known as regular Evo

Just before Max: cards that were maxed only after stage 3 Evo and then again after final form. Aka: #-2 Evo.

All Max: Cards that were maxed before and after every stage of the Evo Process. Aka perfect Evo

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Slayers of Fafner Event

ROB's Next Event is...

The Slayers of Fafner!

This is a quest event in which players perform event-only quests within the window of the event timeframe.

This Event follows up on the last quest event, "The Roar of the Dragons." It will include the story of how Fafner was defeated.

During these quests, players will randomly find the "Champions of Fafner." Once a player finds a champion, they will be put in a battle.
Here, they can call on their fellows and order members to help defeat them. Once defeated, they will be able to claim these champions as cards for their decks.

If all Champions are found, the player is rewarded with the card shown above:

SS Card Dark Dragoon
Attack: 4020 Defense: 3010
Skill: Massive Boost to Demons Attack & Def
In Final Form the Dark Dragoon allows for the following...

Full 4 Card Max Evo:
Attack: 20744
Defense: 19588
Full 6 Card Max Evo:
Attack: 21388
Defense: 20196
Perfect 8 Max Evo:
Attack: 21468
Defense: 20272

Skill Boost raises Demon Cards Attack & Defense by 15%

Event Only Prize Cards...

On the Left: Rare Anemone: Attack: 1850 Def: 2320
Skill: Medium Hit to Human's Attack
On the Right: HR Rusaryi: Attack: 2490 Defense: 3180
Skill: Big Hit to Human's Attack

On the Left: Rare Flying Witch: Attack: 2330 Defense: 1840
Skill: Medium Hit to Demon's Defense
On the Right: HR Holy Dragoon: Attack: 3150 Defense: 2520
Skill: Big Hit to Champion's Defense

On the Left:

SR Griffin Rider
Attack: 3840 Defense: 3010
Skill: Great Boost to Attack (all)

Full 4 Max Card Evo:
Attack: 19836
Defense: 15522
Skill Boost: 10% Boost to all Attack Cards

On the Left: Rare Stymphalian Bird: Attack:2320 Def: 1850
Skill: Medium Hit to God's Defense
HR Garuda Birdman: Attack: 2500 Def: 3170
Skill: Big Hit to God's Attack

Do you have your Order ready for this event?


Are you are looking for Great Orders to Join, look no further!

Trade Offers from IGN: MizMizuki

• Your Holy Powder & Cure Water
I will pay $50k for each HP & $25k for each CW. Currently only trading my rares or below for your hp and cw. Do not include on HRs and up.
• Your Devil Queens -I will give you your choice of...
[My 4 HP or CW]
[One Knight Luciella. (If you don't see any ask me, I can get them]

Looking for more Order in life?

Time is running out till the Next Event!

Do you have your Order ready?

If you are looking for Great Orders to Join, look no further!

Deck Tip

There's something that's been bothering me lately about the cards with the Self Atk/Def boost getting a bad wrap. Cards like Hermes & Yinglong. A lot of people are asking,

"Why do I want these cards, if they only raise themselves? Why not an attack all skill? That's better after all"

No no no! You're so very mistaken.

Let's go back to the skill chart
And yes this chart is correct as you will find it listed the same way on the japanese version sites and a few of our version as well.

Let's look at some of the cards in my deck.
Hermes skill is great boost its attack and def, which is right around 30% (big is def 20% and massive is 40 for self atk and def)

So let's take Hermes skill bonus
attack: 19072 x 30% = 5722 skill bonus
And def: 18392 x 30% = 5499 skill bonus

The average person that is level 60 has a deck of each card being approximately 13000 atk & def.

13000 x 5 = 65000 total avg attack without boosts.

Valk's gods attack skill is 15% to all gods.

So let's say you have all god cards at around 13k average attack, that's 65000 avg attack x 15% boosts = 9750, but again you would have to have all god cards! Now before you get hasty and say that's still higher than it is with Hermes, I'll correct you.

Hermes boost is for attack and def! So if we added those two Hermes boost together 5722 + 5499 = 11221! Which beats Valkyrie. And more suitable most other SS RARE Evo bonuses with the single realm attack (or just defense) boost.

Now let's take another Evo SS RARE, but with an attack all boost. Nobunaga has attack boost all but only 10% for each card. 4max Nobu is at 13k, if u have 4 other cards around the same (totaling an average of 65000), it would be a 6500 bonus. But again this bonus is only in attack.
Now what do you do with this information? You start trading smart! I was able to get my 2 of my Hermes from two separate people using the much over rated card Michael with a Great attack all boost. Most people who have fully Evo maxed Mike in their decks have an average deck with an attack of 16500 per card. So that's 16500 x 5 cards = 82500. So 10% of that is 8250. But again this is only in attack! Compared to Hermes which gives your deck a total boost of 11221 total between both decks.

And thats trading with the hard line traders level 100 and up. Imagine what you can do if you're not in a hurry for your cards (like me who always wants instant gratification). I hope this helps you guys in your future by killing 2 birds with one stone and strengthening not only your attack, but also your defense. Trade smart people! Good Luck!
Just always remember the broader the realm boost window, the lower the actual base (level 1) of the boost will be.

Click Here for more TRADING STRATEGIES


Click Here for more information on HOW SKILL BOOSTS WORK

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Battle Ranking

About Battle Awards

Compete in this event to get the most weekly Honors. Honor can be acquired in battle.

【Tally time span】
One week
starting at 5:00 AM Mondays (ET)

Every Monday at 6:00 AM (ET)
*Date and time are subject to change.

You can get Gems, necessary for exchanging for items!

Collect Gems and exchange them for fabulous items!

Battle Award results are calculated every Monday.
After that, Gems are distributed automatically.
Gems awarded based on rank
Rank #1
300 Gems
200 Gems
100 Gems
80 Gems
50 Gems
40 Gems
20 Gems
10 Gems
In order to get Gems you need to score at least 500 Honor Points during the ranking period.
Like Holy Wars "War Points", the battle ranking system uses something called "Honor Points" which works the same the way to even out the emulators that always get Rank #1 with their 500+ attacks.

For those of you not familiar with Holy Wars, basically it means that the more you attack with, the higher chance you have of scoring more honor points. This also depends on your opponent's deck. The stronger their deck, the more points you will gain from a win. I am guessing that this is to discourage us from farming the weak.

In my opinion, this is a much better system. Although it doesn't eliminate the emulator problem (bc you could just program the emulator to attack max everytime you fill up), it does at least even the playing field.

As an added bonus though, not only do you gain points from your own attack victories, but also your defense victories. If you have a great defense deck, I would recommend baiting players into attacking you by using a low end leader card. People want to get as many victories as possible, while conserving their attack strength. Players that attack more often with 4 cards, will have a better chance of gaining more points than those who only attack every so often with their full deck.

I know I personally look for players with lower leader cards and lower def points to attack, because I do it so often. Plus most people would rather take the chance on gaining a little less in honor points, than an all out loss and getting zero going against a full Evo SS leader card's Deck. So make sure you keep this in mind.

On the contrary, lets say you're getting farmed by everyone & their mother. This leads to constantly loosing your defending battles because your def is deteriorating. Take a page out the frilled neck lizard's book & choose the highest full Evo card you have as your leader. Thus, giving the impression that your deck maybe larger than it actually is.

Did you know about the Victory Raised through Morale Bonuses? 

If you attack and win a lot of times you will see an image that says "Morale Raised through Victory 10% Boost for the next 10mins" Did you also know that if you use a few holy powders within that time frame, it will eventually go up to 30%? Then you have a better chance of winning against the high ranking players for more Honor Points! So make sure you're planning your decks out and attacks right.  Using 3 holy powders a day can easily boost a player with base attack of 65k into the top 500 each day.  Which in my opinion can be more beneficial than waiting till holy wars because there is a higher payout with how often you have to use holy powder vs. how much you gain.  I'm sure a lot of you experts already know this, but if you didn't I hope this help get you more points.


Just wanted to show you guys how easy it is to make top 100 using this method.

I used 5hp yesterday and battled a few times throughout the day.

Imagine what rank you could actually achieve by trying! 

Good luck my friends!


Hey guys. Sorry haven't been around to answer the past 2 days questions. Been really busy. But I will get to them this week for sure. In most cases, the answer to your questions are somewhere in this blog. So make sure you read the appropriate topic and the comments. Have a great week.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Benefits to Enhancing (Leveling) Your Cards Before You Evolve.

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Rage of Bahamuts FAQs":

So, is there any benefit to enhance/leveling your cards before you evolve them?
A way to make your cards stronger is to evolve them. When evolving you take 2 cards of the same name and merge them in a new card. Most cards can be evolved 3 times while some special cards can not be evolved at all. When evolved 3 times the card raises a rarity level and gains a new name.
When evolving the cards name and rarity will change like this:

updated images below...

Friday, June 15, 2012

The New Invite Card!

So whose ready to talk about the new invite card? Which BTW guys has Evo stats similar to Valkyrie.
(I'll have exact numbers released when I know them).

Not to mention it's finally the Demon's Turns to get one in their realm! Just incase you were wondering the previous cards were mostly Man (2 total), with Gods getting only the last one.

So what makes this best invite card to come out since Nobu? The skill my friends, the skill! GREAT HIT to FOE's ATK & DEF ALLLLLLLL! 
This is an approximate 10% (Not sure of the exact percentage, bc it's the first of it's kind) lowering to your opponents attack and or defense!
Suddenly being a Demon isn't so bad.

This is perfect for a starter deck who has mixed realm cards. Grab them while you can ppl! Once this month ends, these cards are going to be worth a lot!
Dark Knight Luciella
ATK:1200 DEF:900
PWR Required:10
Skill:[Holy Sword of Adrasteia]
Effect:Small hit to foe's ATK/DEF (all)
[Fallen Paladin] Dark Knight Luciella
ATK:3430 DEF:2530
PWR Required:20
Skill:[False Sword of Adrasteia]
Effect:Great hit to foe's ATK/DEF (all)
Was told this is a 6 card Max Evo. Haven't done the math yet to confirm, if someone has let me know.
Have pix or stats on the new card?
Email Me -
ALSO! Stop Selling for your Valkyries & Hilds for low deals. Now that this card is no longer being given out, (within a week or 2) the value is going to skyrocket. So save them. In a little time you'll be trading Hilds for 10hp each!

Great Question!

Åke said...
I have a clean Sukteh SR and I am looking to trade down so that I can get a good ATK deck. What would a fair and good trade be? I am playing man and was wondering what best deal would be for me.
Any hint advice would be good.

Zuks said...
Great Question!
No matter what anyone tells you, it is smart to trade down for your SR and SS single cards, Why? Bc the chances of you being able to make trades or buy 10,000 rage medals to get more of that card are slim to none.
So it depends on how new you are. If you want an almost full starter deck of cards, you can get it with the Sukteh or any other SR. What you can ask for is 2-3 sets of evo'd HR cards (Those are rare cards that have been evo'd to make a high rare).
If You just need one good card in your deck you can ask for an Evo'd SR (card that was evo'd using 4 High Rares). But this depends on the card, how much power it uses, & its skill. Also Max Evo's may be harder to get with single SRs bc normally ppl that you are trading are already using them in their deck and one SR wont replace that unless they have 3 others that are the same as yours.
Hope this Helps!
Also See if you can get a few of the new invite cards for your HRs & SSs if you are new, I only suggest this for Lucielle, She's perfect for a beginner because of the skill boost she gives.

If you need help finding them feel free to message me in the game: MizMizuki

Monday, June 11, 2012

Invite Cards

If you haven't already had your fill on Valkyrie's, you better now while you can. Because within the next couple of days the Rare Knight Luciella will be released. At least it's a better name than Hild LoL.

Holy Wars 3! Carnage in Hell

So now that Holy Wars 3 is officially over, we want to know what you thought about it? What tips and tricks can offer for people for the next HW? Was there a strategy that you wished you figured out too late? What rank did order finish? Let us know in the comments below...

From 6/5/12:

Until the day Holy Wars begin, you will receive 1 Evanescent Holy Powder each day just for logging in, so make sure to log in at least once a day!

Evanescent Holy Powder can only be used during the Holy Wars event. When Holy Wars come to an end, Evanescent Holy Powder will vanish automatically. You cannot Trade Evanescent Holy Powder nor Send it as a Gift. Evanescent Holy Powder has the same effect as regular Holy Powder.

Tap into the powers of Holy Powder and make your Order #1!

Once this Holy Wars event starts, you will not be able to join an Order nor change your rank in your Order, so make sure you are prepared for Holy Wars!

New Updates!

For Those of you looking for Evo Stats on The New Demon Cards released from HWs
I haven't done the exact calculations yet, but here are your estimates:

SS Satan: 
4 cards Max Evo: A: 21530 D: 15645
6 cards Max Evo: A: 22210 D: 16130
8 cards Max Evo: A: 22290 D: 16191

SRare Dark General:
4 cards Max Evo: A: 17792 D: 13230
6 cards Max Evo: A: 18343 D: 13640
8 cards Max Evo: A: 18412 D: 13692

HRare Zombie Rider:
4 cards Max Evo: A: 14772 D: 12528
6 cards Max Evo: A: 15225 D: 12917
8 cards Max Evo: A: 15270 D: 12966

See Card Evo Stat Spreadsheet for more Evo stats on cards

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Card Evo Chart

Finally you can see the difference in strength between a 4card, 6card, & 8card Max Evo!

Each section is done with all previous Evos Maxed

See the Evo Chart Now

Gain a better understanding of what it means to Max Enhance & Evolve Cards

Friday, June 1, 2012

What happens during Holy War Events?

Declaring Wars
Any member of an Order is allowed to declare war.
Once a war declaration is made, the opposing Order is automatically determined in an arbitrary fashion.
After declaring war, it can take up 5 to 20 minutes before the Holy War actually starts.
Once a war declaration has been made, or if a Holy War has begun, you cannot change it until it is over.

About the end of the event
Each Holy War lasts one hour, but when the event's term ends, all battles and wars will be forced to end even if players are in the middle of them.
If they are forced to end, there will be no animations for victories nor pages displaying the results.
Unfortunately, you will not be able to obtain the 1500 Holy War points nor Silver Coins you would normally get for winning a Holy War.
However, Holy War points from battles will be distributed as usual.

If you leave your Order before receiving your rewards, you may not be able to claim them. So make sure to claim your rewards first if you want to leave your Order!

About Holy Wars
You can only win and earn Holy War points via the Order page, through the Holy War button.
You can earn a maximum of 500 Holy War points from fighting the same opponent in a Holy War.
If skills activate that raise your Holy War points, the max Holy War points you can gain in that battle are 600.
You cannot earn Holy War points from regular battles.
You cannot earn Holy War points by winning against an opponent who has waged battle against you.
You cannot earn rupies by winning a Holy War.
You cannot fight an opponent that you have lost 100 times to in a Holy War.

About Holy War point-raising skills
Skills that raise Holy War points attained can only be activated once per battle.
They will not be activated when attacking a defense walls or castle.
They are not guaranteed to activate during the Holy War.

You can effectively use walls up to 5 times in a single Holy War.
The wall's effectiveness is displayed onscreen (up to 5).
Even if you have 6 or more walls, you cannot add more walls until your number reaches 0 in a Holy War.
Walls built during a Holy War take effect in the next Holy War.
Walls do not disappear after the end of the Holy Wars event.
They can be used in the next Holy War event!

Only the Order Leader can build walls.

About the DEF Leader
If an Order has a DEF leader, attackers cannot challenge another member of the Order apart from the DEF leader.
Even if you have multiple DEF leaders, if an opponent beats one of your DEF leaders, they can then battle against any other member of your Order.

Event Restrictions
The following actions are not allowed during the Holy Wars event:
- Leaving the Order
- Disbanding the Order (if leader)
- Removing a member from the Order (if leader)
- Appointing another leader
- Requesting an appointment (if leader)
- Changing Order ranks (if leader)

The event will not officially end until rewards have been distributed.

Silver Coins
You can only send Silver Coins to other members of your Order.
Silver Coins, including those sent to others, will disappear once a certain amount of time passes after each event.
1 Silver Coin is earned for every 3000 Holy War points acquired.
At the end of every Holy War, every participating player will receive a silver coin which they can use to exchange for cards of High Normal and above.
The top 3 players who earn the most holy war points will receive more coins.
1st Place : 4 Coins Total
2nd Place : 3 Coins Total
3rd Place : 2 Coins Total
Also every player will have "supportable Silver Coins" which they can send to order members.
Each player can only send to an order member once per day. When sending coins if you send a support message at the same time you will be able to earn 2 coins instead.
Thus for every coin you send, you and the target receipent will both receive 2 coins.

Once rankings are officially calculated, even if you leave if your Order its name will still be shown by your name in the Ranking.

Appointed Order Members

Order Leader - The Leader of the order, grants 1.5 times the amount of Holy War Points you earn from defeating him. Only one person may hold this title.

Vice Order Leader - The Vice Leader of the order, grants 1.2 times the amount of Holy War Points you earn from defeating him. Only one person may hold this title

Def Leader - Upon a declaration of war, orders must either defeat the defence leader or destroy the walls of the enemy order to be able to launch attacks against any other members of the order. Defence Leaders have an additional Boosts to their defence (5% boost).
Grants 1.2 times the amount of Holy War Points you earn from defeating him. Three members of an order may hold this title.

Attack Leader - The Attack Leader of the order Attack Leaders have an additional Boosts to their attack (5% extra boost). Grants 1.2 times the amount of Holy War Points you earn from defeating him. Three members of an order may hold this title.
Order Ranking Rewards
-From 2nd Holy War (May 2012)

Order Ranking #1
Raphaella (SS Rare) x1
S Rare & UP Card Pack Claim Ticket x2
Order Ranking #2-#10
Raphaella (SS Rare) x1
S Rare & UP Card Pack Claim Ticket x1
Order Ranking #11-#20
Raphaella (SS Rare) x1
High Rare & UP Card Pack Claim Ticket x1

The reward for placing 1-20 will only be given to Order members who make at leas 5000 Individual Holy War points.

Order Ranking #21-#100
Michael (S Rare) x1
High Rare & UP Card Pack Claim Ticket x1
Order Ranking #101-#200
Archdaemon (High Rare) x1
LEGEND Card Pack Claim Ticket x3
Order Ranking #201-#300
Archdaemon (High Rare) x1
LEGEND Card Pack Claim Ticket x2
Order Ranking #301-#500
Elaine (High Rare) x1
LEGEND Card Pack Claim Ticket x2
Order Ranking #501-#700
Elaine (High Rare) x1
LEGEND Card Pack Claim Ticket x1
Order Ranking #701-#1000
Skull Rider (Rare) x1
LEGEND Card Pack Claim Ticket x1

The reward for placing 21-1000 will only be given to Order members who make at least 1000 Individual Holy War points

Order Ranking #1001-#1500
Skull Rider (Rare) x1
Cure Water x7
Order Ranking #1501-#2000
Skull Rider (Rare) x1
Cure Water x5
Order Ranking #2001-#3000
Angel Queen x1
Golden Dragon x1
Cure Water x3
Order Ranking #3001-#4000
Angel Queen x1
Golden Dragon x1
Cure Water x2
Order Ranking #4001-#5000
Angel Queen x1
Golden Dragon x1
Cure Water x1
Order Ranking #5001-#6000
Angel Queen x1
Golden Dragon x1

The reward for placing 1001-6000 will only be given to Order members who make at least 1 Individual Holy War point
Individual Ranking Rewards
-Taken from 2nd Holy Wars (May 2012)
Individual Ranking #1-#10
Raphaella (SS Rare) x1
Individual Ranking #11-#100
Michael (S Rare) x1
Individual Ranking #101-#1000
Archdaemon (High Rare) x1
Individual Ranking #1001-#5000
Elaine (High Rare) x1
Individual Ranking #5001-#10000
Skull Rider (Rare) x2
Cure Water x7
Individual Ranking #10001-#20000
Skull Rider (Rare) x1
Cure Water x6
Individual Ranking #20001-#30000
Angel Queen x1
Golden Dragon x1
Cure Water x5
Individual Ranking #30001-#50000
Angel Queen x1
Golden Dragon x1
Cure Water x4
Individual Ranking #50001-#70000
Angel Queen x1
Golden Dragon x1
Cure Water x3
Individual Ranking #70001-#100000
Angel Queen x1
Golden Dragon x1
Cure Water x2
Individual Ranking #100001-#200000
Cure Water x2
Individual Ranking #200001-#300000
Cure Water x1

Yes you can receive rewards from both lists
Some of the Reward Cards from Holy Wars 2:
Some information and images were taken from wiki