RageTrades Extras

• Profile Icons For Your Mobage Profile

• Contest Results for 7/10/12

Help Promote RageTrades by using one of the icons above as your mobage profile pic or adding the photo link below to your blog or website.

Just Cut and Paste this code into your html section on your blog or website:

<a href="http://ragetrades.blogspot.com/" target="_self"><img height="400" src="https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/-hrpCGS6kDJc/T_y-l4ormtI/AAAAAAAAAoE/B_M00rJMd9M/5C17B179-EB7C-46CC-AE07-8023666D6B16.jpg" width="400" /></a>

 It will appear as such:

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