Thursday, July 19, 2012

New! ROB Card Price Checker

Want to know what your Rage of Bahamut Cards are worth? 

List them in our Price Check Forum in RageTrades Classifieds and find out. 
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All Price Responses from me will be listed in terms of HP unless you specify otherwise.
Also gives the other RageTrade Classifieds Members the option to post their price opinion on your cards.


Tyson Ashby said...

How much is a chim

Jager602 said...

What's a 4-6 inu skill5 worth?

MoonlitMystery said...

the price checker is within the forum. please click the link above and post your question in the appropriate area. (I'm a big fan of the site. the operators are just awesome!)

Tone2180 said...

I got an offer for:
H. Gunner (UE, atk: 2620)
M. Samurai (UE, atk 3370)
Wyrm (Evol, atk 2542; I know this Rare is evol, not true rare card)
Daphen (Evoled, atk: 3698; not sure if it's 4-0)
Reshef (Evoled, atk: 13311)

For my
Chimaera (UE, max lvl, atk: 6460)
Ax Master (UE, max lvl, atk: 8030)
Alluring Angel (base; atk: 3340)

Never received this large of a trade request before, any help will be greatly appreciated.
Thank you!!

Tone2180 said...

Sorry to leave the request here,I posted my question on the classified website, but no one replied and trade will be ending soon. Please help!

Jozef Andrejo said...

Since I'm not sure how much they're worth with the FF and the skill levels, I'll try to tell you the price on bases

But before I start I want to tell everyone something, since the bazaar went up, instead of just seeing a price you'd be okay with and accepting, now with the bazaar you can see the best price, saving much more HP. And because of this, many people are lowering prices to make sure people will buy their card and not someone else's. Just some info.

Chim->15hp Inugami->22hp. M.Samurai->12hp Wyrm->nothing really Daphne->1hp Axe Master->8hp. Alluring Angel->3hp
Reshef->3hp H.Gunner->3hp

I understand it might be confusing that a Evo hr that was probably enhanced a lot is less than a bunch of unevolved rares that aren't enhanced, but that's how it is in the bazaar now, so even if you really want the card, it'll be hard to sell it later, my deck has 2evo hrs that used to be worth 8hp min.

Hope this helped, my ign is ryad23
My code is whr67341

Bobby Balfoort said...

bobbtbalfoort: how much is true elite master fencer full out maxed out worth

Mdenniz said...

Did the price checker stop getting updates since the baazar came out?