Thursday, July 19, 2012


Introducing RageTrades Forums for Classifieds Listings.

Now you can view recent trade offers fast and easy on your mobile device or computer!


  • Trade Listings for Cards you are Searching for and Cards you are selling
  • Order Promotion Listings
  • Players looking to join order listings (Organized by attack and level)
  • Fellow Spots Listings
  • Service Listings (Feeder Service)
  • Can create trade offers without having to be a registered user
  • Registered Users can personalize their forum experience settings from picking out an ROB Legend Card Avatar to viewing only the trade offers that are new posts since their last visit
  • Option to receive email alerts each time someone replies to your offer
  • Tips and Tricks Section to help optimize your forum experience
  • New* Price Check Feature for Members - Find out how much your specific cards are worth! 

Please Select Entry method by clicking on one of the following:

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By Selecting the ★TRADING & CLASSIFIED LISTINGS★ Menu Option.



Trung Vo said...

maybe i am the only one but.
the black and blue color hurts my eyes
gameFAQs is still the better place (ease on the eye too)

Zuks said...

Lol well I suppose I could always edit the color. The thing that always bothered me about FAQ is how there isnt any organization.

Zuks said...

Also keep in mind the forum hasn't even been up for a week and already 70 users have registered. There's nothing wrong with using more than one forum. I know I have personally placed ads in numerous places when I really wanted something. Plus the features this site allows u to add such as links, pics, etc.. Isn't always available in others. But again doesn't hurt to post an ad in more than one place.

Bella0034 said...

I love it mizzy it's an awesome site