Thursday, May 31, 2012

RoB Newbie Starter Guide

Best Guide I've seen thus far! 

• For anyone who's starting out, or thinking about starting out, here's some of the best tips from myself, and others who decide to add on.
 (These are all opinions and could most likely be disputed for one reason or another.)

• At the start of the game, when you get attribute points from leveling and adding fellows, stack the majority of them to stamina if you want to level quickly.  You can power level to 6 without any stops if you place all your points in stamina (that's without even adding fellows, which give you a 5 point bonus each), and you could probably get to level 20 in a single day, just don't plan on doing any serious attacking and you'll be a real easy target if people select you in the battle screen.  Once you get to 50-100 stamina (depending on how quickly you want to level), you can start spreading to att/def.  Just remember, the faster you level, the quicker you'll get regular access to better cards.

• For defense, a few people will say it's not especially important, some others say it's useless.  Personally, I think you should have at least enough to use your 5 best defenders (preferably enhanced too).  Getting attacked during normal game might not mean more than losing some rupies and maybe a treasure, but during events like Holy Wars that just passed, high level characters with little to no defense were easy targets and big liabilities to Orders trying to place high in the ranking, and an Order having a strong defense leader was huge.

• In the beginning, don't worry about enhancing low power cards that you can get through quests, just evolve them until you have them to their 4th stage.  After you have a card at 4th stage, then you can start using the extras to enhance your other best att/def 4th stage cards, or high normal/rare cards you might have gotten from card packs.

• Try to get as many cards as you can at each stage, even if you don't plan on keeping them.  The more different cards you have at one point or another, the more cards you'll be able to carry due to the archive bonus.  

• If you do start enhancing a card, try to max it out.  While the price of enhancing rises, the higher the level goes, you also get bonuses for maxing out a certain number of cards (the first one says 5, but I got it after 3).  Plus, if the card is high enough, you'll end up keeping it in a line up for a long time.  The first or second card I maxed out was a power 13 4th level Dragon, and at level 57, it's still in my main line up.

• Don't use cards with buffs/debuffs to enhance unless you're using them to enhance another card with buffs/debuffs.  If you enhance this way, you have a chance to level up the buff/debuff level along with the cards basic level.  I wouldn't try to level up a card's skill level though, until it's in final stage or it's a high power rare or high rare card that you know you won't be able to evolve anytime soon as evolving resets the skill level back to 1, just like it's basic level.

• Personally, I wouldn't worry about max leveling cards before evolutions for any normal cards, or high normals if you're finding it easy to get a hold of rares, unless they have an att and def buff, or an all faction buff/debuff.

• When it comes to saving cards, I keep a defense oriented card from each power level since those cards are picked based on your defense power when attacked, and a small group of attack oriented cards that I plan to max out and evolve since I rarely attack unless I can use my 5 most powerful hitters.  Cards that are att/def balanced, i tend to enhance away (after I've added all stages of evolution to my archive).

• This isn't so much of a tip, as a peeve that I have.  Don't bother offering a bunch of junk cards, for rare or high rare ones.  While you might actually run across someone sooner or later who sees that as a good deal, I'm not interested in trading a Berserker for 10 cards I can pick up questing.

• On the other hand, if you pack rat cards for evolutions and possible trades like I used to, and you're running out of room, you could always offer cards in a trade that you know will get rejected to temporarily keep them out of your inventory to make up some room.  Be careful though, I'm not sure how long cards will stay in the trade screen after a trade has been completed.  If anyone knows if the game makes you auto claim cards after a certain amount of time, please let me know.

• Save your Holy Powders and Cure Waters early on, they're a wasted if used in the beginning of the game.  These will be much more useful when you're higher up in the levels, and/or could possibly be used as chips in trades, especially nearing the end of events.

• Hopefully these tips will be helpful to newbies, and maybe even a fresh point of view for more experienced players in such a new game.  I'll probably add more ideas that are discovered or come to mind as time passes.  Feel free to add starter tips you might have yourself, or dispute anything that I claim here.  Enjoy.

-This guide was written by IGN: Neotalant. Refcode: sir48274

More User - Created Suggestions for Newbies

From: IGN: GabbageU ORDER: Toriko
1. Dont trade is your 1st rule!! (Vultures can search for newbies Lvl 10 to trade/steal away your RARES using 'FAKE' Rares )Ps: 'FAKE' Rares are without Circles at the bottom right corner of Rare Cards to indicate Card that a card cannot be evolved 
2. Dont Claim/Buy LEGEND CLAIM PACK yet!! (Very LOW drop rate of H/S/SS.RARE even if u spend good $$$)Ps: 4 FREE packs as u level from lvl 1 to 40. Only Claim/Buy during extra 50% higher drop promotion!!Only FIRST pack u buy is 100 RageMedals
3. Keep Items 1st CureWater(CW) / HolyPowder(HP) !! They are in-game Currencies to trade for RARE cardsTrade items for H.Rare during events, they will be HIGH DEMAND! Self usage when u gain higher levels & during events to maximise their returns 
If u like this mini guide pls use my Referral Code skv81818 & i will pump u with another 80K rubies 

From: Annie_M

Current treasure (fake) rares/high rares:
- Phoenix (R)- Pegasus Knight (R)- Guivre (R)- Dragon Rider (HR)- Verdandi (HR)- Ghost Rider (HR)- Alluring Angel (HR)- Scribe (HR) 
Scribe was just released a few days ago, so you may see people trying to trade that one more often at the moment.

In addition to those, there are also these special rares:
- Angel Queen (R)- Devil Queen (R)- Gold Dragon (R)

They have special purposes, and are not meant for deck building:
- The Angel Queen gives 350% exp when used to enhance another card. - The Devil Queen gives a 50% chance of skill-up when used to enhance another card. - The Gold Dragon sells for 30,000 rupies. Yes, there's really no other purpose to this card.

Each one of those cards has a unique value for trading that reflects their purpose. Angel Queens are worth far less than actual rares. Devil Queen are worth about a rare, maybe a tad more depending on the buyer. Gold Dragons are worth exactly 30,000 rupies.

think that's all of the special, non-evolvable cards, but my memory my be wrong. 

Hope all that helps.---~bahamut referral code: yex22810
From Zuki: More important than looking out for un-evo treasure cards is looking out for cards that have a skill of that only takes effect during event boss battles.  Cards like Alberich-R, Hobbit-HN, & Ax Warrior-HR aren't as useful as others with skills in their respective class. However, they are helpful during the events that they pertain to.

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Anonymous said...

Hope this mini addition helps Newbies
1. Dont trade is your 1st rule!! (Vurtures can search for newbies Lvl 10 to trade/steal away your RARES using FAKE Rares )
Ps: FAKE Rares are without Circles at the bottom right corner of Rare Cards to indicate Card Unevolvability

2. Dont Claim/Buy LEGEND CLAIM PACK yet!! (Very LOW drop rate of H/S/SS.RARE even if u spend good $$$)
Ps: 4 FREE packs as u level from lvl 1 to 40. Only Claim/Buy during extra 50% higher drop rate promotion!!
Only FIRST pack u buy is 100 RageMedals . Rest is 300 RM

If u like this mini guide pls use my Referral Code skv81818 & i will pump u with another 80K rubies

IGN: GabbageU ORDER: Toriko

Zuks said...

Ok its added. I will delete this post within this comment within the next 24 hrs.

javar said...

Could you talk about the Order?
What's the propose of donation?

Zuks said...

The purpose of the donation in the orders is to buy more stuff for your order like skill boosts & walls for holy wars. The game prevents anyone, including your order leader to take out money for personal use.

MoonlitMystery said...

i have had 3 friends use my referral code. according to all 3, they input the correct code & received their angelic knight cards. i only received one bonus from those 3 friends. do u know if this has happened before? have u ever heard if mobage would send the bonuses in cases like these?

chitosama said...

Chitosama is my in game name lol.

Kell said...

Hey there! I have a policy question. I have started playing and am worried I may be breaking policy.

I have been grabbing all my buddies phones and running myself to 10, and trading all cards and money to myself. I can't help but think it is a no no... am I breaking game policy?

Zuks said...

I wouldn't think so. But be prepared to start taking those accts to level 10 if you want the bonuses

Zuks said...

Just saw this. They had a problem a few days back. And I'm sure u know by now that the accts have to go to level 10 for the referring player to get the Luci and 100k

rustyblade18 said...

I really like ur guide.. Even though im not playing the ROB for now.. i understand the game already...
so actually im still wondering around for 2 week finding referral code from people that seriously a ROB player and can help me guide for this game... so mind if u giv me ur referral code and being a friend and also help me guide... and i try to be the best for you.. and i like to hav a bonus from code and sum other thing extra by ROB gamerz.. (race = MAN) i appreciate it...

Toady_Frog said...

When I look at offers to sell cards, there are comments like 4-6,6-6, 6-10, EF, FF. What do all of these mean?

Christian Freeman said...

After you've completed the tutorial enter gug84097. We both benefit from this, to start with you will receive 50k rupies, Angelic Knight (RARE), and Holy Powder which is good for battles. You also receive extra holy powder and if my memory serves me correctly an extra 50k rupies on top of that. In total you well get 100k rupies, a (RARE) card, and 6 hp total. The rupies are good for evolving and enhancing your cards. As a suggestion, you should evolve your cards first then enhance them (Again this is just a suggestion, your cards will be slightly stronger in the end but will cost more in the long run). I had to find this out the hard way and waste rupies in the process (Like I said this is just personal preference). If you don't you will just be wasting your rupies. Also as you progress it is best to try and use (High Normal) cards to enhance fully evolved cards, and even more so cards with skills will help raise the skill level of cards the carry a skill. After you defeat the first boss in quest mode you will also receive a Legendary CP claim ticket. You will receive 4 in total as you progress. Read on to see how everything will work. Remember code gug84097. My in game name is AnTiogar.

Once you have reached level 10, I will get 50k rupies and a Mina card (RARE), it takes 19 to reach its final form. So the more the better obviously, and it is appreciated as we are all trying to do the best we can.

At level 20, you will receive another Legendary CP claim ticket.

At level 30, I will receive 5 hp.

At level 40, you will receive two more Legendary CP claim tickets.

Finally at level 50, I will receive a HR & UP CP claim ticket.

My code in game is gug84097
In game name is AnTiogar

Choosing your realm wisely is also important, once you have picked one you cannot change it.
Demons are stronger towards attack
Man is more defensive
Gods are balanced between the two

My code in game is gug84097
In game name is AnTiogar

You can add fellows as you level up. The more fellows you have the better off you will be. As you progress most of them do as well. The stronger your fellows the better off you will be during boss battles, and event boss battles. Going solo is a sure fire way to have to repeat boss battles over and over.

My code in game is gug84097
In game name is AnTiogar

Joining an order is also extremely beneficial, higher ranked orders will enable perks that are not only beneficial during events. Where in you can have the opportunity to earn special rewards based upon how well your order does. It is also helpful during battles, because the perks will give you a boost giving you a slight advantage. Also if you build up a strong enough deck, there are leader positions within the order that add an extra advantage during battle as well. This can be very handy during not only individual progression through the game but during Holy Wars in particular.

My code in game is gug84097
In game name is AnTiogar

Look me up in game, and message me as much as you want. I have been playing for a little while and have a fairly good understanding of the game. I will try and help you as much as I can. Many say they will but I've read a lot of complaints about false promises. I have no reason not to. You took the time to help me by using my code, it would be wrong of me not to return the favor. I hope that this review was beneficial, have fun, and happy gaming.

My code in game is gug84097
In game name is AnTiogar

Jozef Andrejo said...

I've just found this site and you probably know the answer by now, but for everyone who doesn't :

4:6, 6:7, and 8:15 mean how many times the card has been evolved and enhanced. The first number is how many cards were used to evolve it, the second number is how many times the card has been max enhanced, the bigger the numbers, the better the card.

Also, FF means final form, when the card cannot be evolved anymore. Currently I'm not sure of what EF means though

My ign is ryad23, I hope you found this helpful
My code is whr67341

Lisa Calhoun said...
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Lisa Calhoun said...

My problem is I have a TON of Angel Queen's and don't know what cards to use them on. Seems every card I select to try and use the Angel Queen's as enhancers, the Angel Queen's don't show up. So, what cards am I suppose to use them on? Is there some sort of requirements the cards have to follow before I can use the Angel Queen's to enhance them? I'm dying to know so I can put them to use!