Thursday, October 4, 2012


Hey guys!

Sorry it's been a while since the last update, just have been really busy.

But I'm still here. In any event, things to come within the next month or two...

  • Evo stats on Demon Cards

  • Best Use of Bazaar Feature

  • Shortcuts to Maximize Trades

  • Upcoming Events

★ If there's something else you're looking for please leave a comment here.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Rulers of Azure

Rulers of Azure Card Pack

No Event, but now in card packs?

This was supposed to be a battle quest event in which players perform event-only quests within the window of the event timeframe.

This Event follows up on the last quest event, "The Roar of the Dragons." It will include the story of how Fafner was defeated.

During these quests, players will randomly find the "Champions of Fafner." Once a player finds a champion, they will be put in a battle.

However, due to the time restraints, I'm guessing they needed new cards available in a rush so they put them in card packs instead.

I need to double check the skills when I have time, but these are the stats on the new cards.

SS Card Dark Dragoon
Attack: 4020 Defense: 3010
Skill: Massive Boost to Demons Attack & Def

In Final Form the Dark Dragoon allows for the following...

Full 4 Card Max Evo:
Attack: 20744
Defense: 19588
Full 6 Card Max Evo:
Attack: 21388
Defense: 20196
Perfect 8 Max Evo:
Attack: 21468
Defense: 20272

Skill Boost raises Demon Cards Attack & Defense by 15%

Event Only Prize Cards...


On the Left: Rare Anemone: Attack: 1850 Def: 2320
Skill: Medium Hit to Human's Attack
On the Right: HR Rusaryi: Attack: 2490 Defense: 3180
Skill: Big Hit to Human's Attack


On the Left: Rare Flying Witch: Attack: 2330 Defense: 1840
Skill: Medium Hit to Demon's Defense
On the Right: HR Holy Dragoon: Attack: 3150 Defense: 2520
Skill: Big Hit to Champion's Defense

On the Left:

SR Griffin Rider
Attack: 3840 Defense: 3010
Skill: Great Boost to Attack (all)

Full 4 Max Card Evo:
Attack: 19836
Defense: 15522
Skill Boost: 10% Boost to all Attack Cards


On the Left: Rare Stymphalian Bird: Attack:2320 Def: 1850
Skill: Medium Hit to God's Defense
HR Garuda Birdman: Attack: 2500 Def: 3170
Skill: Big Hit to God's Attack

How Bazaar?!

Hello fellow traders.

Now that we all have gotten acquainted with the new bazaar feature, I'm interested in hearing your thoughts on it.

About the Bazaar

The Bazaar is a feature in which you can trade desired things with others.
You cannot specify users with whom to make deals at the Bazaar.
Any user can accept your sale offer as long as they have everything on your Bazaar Wishlist.
Card and Item deals are possible.
You can sell cards for other cards, items, and Rupies. For item deals, you can only sell Cure Water and Holy Powder for each other.

Cards you put up for sale in the Bazaar cannot be set as your leader card, Safeguarded, sold, traded nor gifted.
The stats of cards obtained through the Bazaar are carried over as-is.
Items you put up for sale in the Bazaar cannot be used, traded nor gifted.

How to Use the Bazaar
There are 2 ways to make deals on the Bazaar.

Search for sales and make a deal.

Search for other user's sales via the Bazaar Search menu.
Deals will only be possible if you hold all the things on the seller's Bazaar Wishlist.
Once you tap 'Make Deal,' the deal will be made automatically.
The items from the deal can be claimed from 'Completed.'
The seller will remain anonymous until the deal is already completed.

Put cards or items up for sale and make a deal.

Put items up for sale by tapping 'Item Sales' or cards by tapping 'Card Sales.' Then add things to your Bazaar Wishlist.
You can add 5 types of things to your Bazaar Wishlist: cards, Rupies, Cure Waters, Holy Powders and Magic Circles.
The quantity of Cure Waters or Holy Powders you can add to your Bazaar Wishlist is limited depending on the rarity of your card for sale.

The maximum quantity per item type is as follows:

Normal Card - 3 Items
High Normal Card - 5 Items
Rare Card - 15 Items
High Rare Card - 200 Items
S Rare Card - 800 Items
SS Rare Card - 3,000 Items
Legend Card - No Limit
*Some cards have a different limit than the one stated above. E.g. Devil Queen (only) - 200 Items
*In the future, even cards with the same rarity may be adjusted to have different max. items based on their evolution stages.
*There are no quantity limits on cards nor Rupies for your Bazaar Wishlist.

If you add more than one type of thing to your Bazaar Wishlist, nobody can accept your offer unless they have everything on your list.

Only Cure Water and Holy Powder can be sold.
You cannot put an item you are selling on your Bazaar Wishlist.
You can sell 5 - 150 at a time.
The quantity of items in your Bazaar Wishlist can be from 50 percent fewer than to 100 percent more than the quantity of items you are selling above.

You may cancel pending sales at any time via 'Pending Sales.'

Bazaar Search

You can search by specifying desired cards or items.

When searching for cards, you can search from your current Card list or even your Wishlist, so if there is a card you want, put it on your Wishlist!

You can add cards to your Wishlist via the following:

Card List
Card Archive
Other users' Card Archives (only if public)
Other users' sales
When searching for items, you can specify the quantity of Cure Waters or Holy Powders for sale.
You can also expand your search range by plus or minus 10%.

About Bazaar Tickets
Bazaar Ticket are required for selling or buying things at the Bazaar.
Bazaar Tickets used for buying/selling vary depending on the rarity of the cards.
The number of tickets used per Rarity are as follows:

Normal Card - 1 Ticket
High Normal Card - 1 Ticket
Rare Card - 1 Ticket
High Rare Card - 2 Tickets
S Rare Card - 5 Tickets
SS Rare Card - 5 Tickets
Legend Card - 5 Tickets
Also, if you have fewer than 5 Bazaar Tickets, they will be replenished to 5 by the Daily Login Bonus. However, you will not get additional Bazaar Tickets through the Daily Login Bonus if you already have 5 or more tickets.
Bazaar Tickets are not sent to your Presents. You can check them at the Bazaar.
Even if a transaction is cancelled, the ticket(s) will be considered used and will not be returned.
Users who have not registered their devices will have partial restrictions.
They will not receive Bazaar Tickets when logging in.

About the Bazaar display

Part of the Bazaar Search Results display is currently restricted as a measure to prevent improper usage.
This restriction varies depending on the user and is changed irregularly.
As a result, the cards or items you put up 'for sale' may not be displayed in your search results.
This is not due to sale offer failing to go through; it is due to the restriction placed on your search results. You can confirm whether or not your sale offer was processed successfully via 'Pending Sales'.
ROB cannot answer inquiries about the details of this restriction which prevents improper usage nor inquiries about the exact timing in which the restriction changes.

Your Thoughts...

What are your thoughts on this new development?

Have your trades been hindered being confined to fellows and order members that you've only had for 2 weeks?

How long have your trades taken to go through in the bazaar?

What advice can you offer a new player signing up for the bazaar for the first time?

Friday, September 7, 2012

Need another gacha style ard game?

Due to mobage's most recent announcement here:

I'm guessing trades won't be up for a while now. If you need a new game check out Legend of the Cryptids.

It's mostly the same as ROB. With a few minor differences. Here is a screenshot

So of you're going to start playing on are on iPhone, get yourself and me the same invite prize (it's similar to Mina but not 19 cards).

Use this referral code: MizMizuki It's case-sensitive so capitalize the Ms

Also android is on separate server, so if someone here plays on android. Please post ur code only for Loc.

LoC Update: 9/7/12

So it turns out that LoC Guilds don't care how awesome u r at ROB. Lmao. Anyway started a guild (same thing as an order exactly even down to the wall prices). BTW it's only for iOS Users (Android is on a different server). So send me what they call a "cheer" (support) to MizMizuki (case sensitive).

Let me know that u want to join and that you are from ROB (if u want to state your ROB IGN/LvL. that works). Don't know how serious we'll get here but I'm guessing this isn't the first time ROB is going to outlaw trades. So at least we'll have somewhere else to go.

PS if you can donate unused treasure that would be a big help.

Click here to see an ROB/LOC comparison.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Battle Decks Re-Vamped

Placement is just as important as skill

It's very important to remember that the order you place your cards within your decks is just as important as the skill it self! Through trial and error, I've discovered this is extremely important if you want to win and win often.

First off make sure you start a deck from scratch if this is first time. So remove any pre-existing decks you may have. This is how your deck will look once it's arranges. Slot 1 represents the first card you pick to go in your deck.

If you're unsure how to get to the [edit screen], take a look at the pic below

Skill Activation

In each deck that you create, you have to be conscious of card placement. Up to 3 skills can activate in a battle. Although activation is random, the order in which the skills activate is always the ascending order of when you placed the cards in your custom decks.

When forming a custom deck you must pay attention to the following:

First off, the skill has be one that actually can activate in your regular attack deck for those of you editing this one. For example, HW skills (big boost to wall damage) and Def skills (big hit to attack all or medium boost to def) will not work in your regular attack deck. So if you insist on using Principality or Wraith in your attack deck you have to place them in the last slot.

Reason being, whichever card you place in Slot 1 has a 100% chance of activating if the conditions I just spoke of are met. So Slot 1 skill no matter what, will always activate for you.

[Pic 1, 2 & 3] Notice whether its one, two or three skills that activate, whichever is slot 1, will always activate first. The pics above and below in this deck has ifrit in slot one.

[Pic 2 & 3]: When the max amount of possible skills activate (3), they still follow the ascending 'slot order' they were placed in the custom deck

[Pic 3:] Even when using the recommended attack deck, the skills will go off in the ascending order they were placed in your deck.

Skill Activation Probability

So I'm sure by now you've figured out by now that the deck in [Pics 1 & 2] not only has 2 cards with skills that can't be activated during regular attacks (Cybele -big boost to all def & Ares -Big Boost to Wall Damage), but it has Ares in slot 3. You want to use all cards that have skills that can be utilized during your battle. So in this case, Ares should be in slot 4. Since Silver Fox has a higher of chance of activating when in slot 3, than a card in slot 4 or 5 (Which shows Silver Fox in Slot 4)

The probability of skill activation is determined mainly by slot placement. Over the past couple weeks, I used the attack deck shown in Pic 4 to attack my high ranking god opponent's decks. I switched around the slot placement for each of the 5 cards. The following stats are based on a complete analysis of 125 attacks total. Rather than pursue a foolhardy attempt to attack with every possible combination of the 5 cards, I tried a simplified rotation approach. By cycling the cards through each of the 5 slots (25x) to gain a better understand when and what frequency are skills triggered?

These were my approximate findings:

  • Slot 1: 100% chance of activating

  • Slot 2: 50% chance of activating

  • Slot 3: 40% chance of activating

  • Slot 4: 30% chance of activating

  • Slot 5: 20% chance of activating
Side Note: In the decks featured in Pics 1 & 2, there's a skill that decreases a specific type of foe stats in slot 1 (Thor- Great hit to gods & Gilgamesh- Great hit to man). That skill will have the same activation probability as any other. For example, Thor in slot one will still trigger even if the opposition doesn't have a God in their deck.

After performing an additional 100 attacks on my feeder account (using either less than 5 cards or cards without a useable attack skill), I pretty amazed by how much thought is put in to battling. I found that the probability of skill activation decreases around 5% in probability for each slot 2 and higher listed above.

Again, these were based solely on my findings.

Skill Prioritizing:

So how do you know which skills to prioritize?

For that you need to do the math based on the following skill percentages:

Here's an example:

★ Regarding Comment 。。。
↦ bigpoppafluff said...
ok zuki, I need some help. Im the atk leader for our order. Should I go with the highest atk I can Or with the best skills I have? My highest atk is 81650. with my highest atk Im not a full god deck. (master sam)

My best skills are:
grt boost to god atk (valk)
big boost to god atk (ifrit)
big hit to def all (Maya)
big hit to man def (titan)
big boodt to hw points (Princi)

any advice would be nice.

IGN-bigpoppafluff ↤★

Happy to help & sorry for the late reply. You ask a great question. However, there is no sure fire answer to this rule bc both can be equally important from an opinion stand point.

However, the math doesn't lie. Select the menu option in this blog titled: [Skill Boosting], there's a full chart there that explains every type of cards possible skill combo and what percent the boost output will be for those cards.

Skill level is another important component when deciding upon what cards to use in your deck. For each level (over level 1) up you increase, the card's boost percentage increases by 1%.

Another contributing factor cygames has led us to believe (in their FAQ section within the game) is the higher the skill level, the higher the potential of skill activation. Lastly, I'm sure every ragetrades subscriber knows that where you place your card within your deck is also equally important.

Not knowing your skill levels, I can provide an example with the cards you've listed above at skill level 1 & 4-6 Evos

★ Let's say worse comes to worse and only one attack skill goes off, which would always be your [slot 1] card.

Here's what you need to remember:

There isn't a one size fits all for battle decks! They give you up to 5 for a reason. Use this to your advantage.

Try and play the odds by going not only on how high you can attack, but also how much you can drain from your opponent before their def boosting skills take effect! In which case, any boost they will receive will be based off their lowered base defense.

If they were my cards, I would proceed with the following:

if using mobile, tilt to landscape view.

Hope this update helps! Be sure to check out the Skill Boosting Section to gain a better understanding of how skills are calculated and how the boosts work.

Important info about Def Decks

Be sure to place your customized deck at a higher priority than your "recommended" defense deck. Otherwise, the deck will always prioritize by highest base def amount instead of skill.

Skill Calculation w/Buffs:

It is now my understanding that you can calculate the total weight of a current battle in order of the appearance of buffs or debuffs in the battle animation. Starting with order and realm alignments, then going back and forth with the opponent. So if you have two boosters such as ifrit and Valkyrie. Which ever one shows up first is calculated off the base attack. Then as long as your opponent didn't set off an attack drainer, the following boost is calculated from the previous boost total. This can be a double edged sword Bc you might want to place your skills towards the end so they effect all of your cards, problem is they don't trigger at the same frequency as cards set to go off earlier.

drain fires before before their boost, they're boost will be calculated based off that reduced base, rather than their original number.

Make sure you do the math on your cards (include the skill level in math • 1% more than the chart graph shows above).

Also many people underestimate the power of a (realm or non realm) specific def drainer. When a def drainer skill (Gilgamesh(15%), Thor(15%), Sanada Yukimara(15%), Date Matsume(20%), Sephirot(15%), Ark Dragon(13%), triggers before an opponent's def booster, the percentage is taken from the actual base. Therefore, any boost they get on their def is given to the reduced value.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

"Gacha!" The Truth Behind Legend Packs

Legend Packs Exposed

It would seems cygames is desperate to keep its players spending since their is still no definitive date on when trades will resume (which I will touch on later). Between their latest 3 Million User Campaign and now the ruse of the 5x SR tickets Legend Pack Promo, cygames is desperately trying to keep its player's spending. Although the new Legend Pack promo is making them appear more like a clan of pickpockets. The type where one premeditates a distraction while his partner comes up behind you to steal your wallet.

First, let's discuss the game mechanics behind the Legend Pack Card Lottery. Its derived from a Japanese gaming style called, Gacha.

The best definition I found thus far is in the article:
Kompu Gacha, "Mystery Box Games", the legality of blind virtual item sales from Reed Smith Writer, Andrew Boortz:

Kompu gacha, or "complete gacha," is a virtual item sales strategy whereby users purchase a virtual item that is part of the set of multiple virtual items. Once the entire set is collected, the user receives a significant prize. The catch, though, is that the virtual item that the user gets for his/her purchase is selected at random from among all of the items in the set, and some of the items in the set are far more rare than others.

The article goes on to explain how the Japanese Government is now regulating the over spending of young gamers due to them dumping loads of money into games similar to Rage of Bahamut.

If you do and a google search on the subject matter, you'll find how companies like DeNA (the company the runs the Mobage platform) become more and more loaded from gacha addicts who catch a wiff of the "Gotta Catch 'em All" syndrome. The worst part is the individuals who spend exorbitant amounts without ever really knowing the probability of obtaining the more elusive prizes such as SR and up cards. Well here's some news that may or not surprise you...

Legend Pack Probability

Since starting this blog in May 2012, I have been on a mission to figure out the probability of pulling each different card rarity type from Legend Packs. Although these findings are not conclusive since they do not come from Mobage or Cygames, I have indeed done my homework by:

★ Conducting Polls on various forums and Blogs

★ Recorded Stats given from admins of other Rage of Bahamut Blogs

★ Interviewed over 25 ROB Players who have cloned hundreds accounts and recorded their results for Claim Tickets.

Based on the methods listed above, The average probability for drawing each type of card rarity is:

★ SS Rare↝ .5%
[approximately only 1 in 200ppl!]
★ S Rare↝ 1%
★ High Rare: 15%
★ Rare: 60%
★ High Normal: 38.5%

Latest Legend Pack Promo

Now let's talk about 5x SR Promo

First off 5x the SR would only be 5% chance (or there abouts). What bothers me if many are buying this thinking they also have a higher chance of getting an SSR Bc of the link underneath allowing you to browse the SR & SS gallery. Plus most claim tickets we get of higher rarity will say: "HR and up", "SR and up" and so on. So Mobage is using that to their advantage, baiting people into buying the new card packs in hope that there is a higher chance the new God SSR will be there.

I honestly wouldn't be surprised if they further baited us into actually buying more HP & CW, by rolling out the next event before trades are up. In which case, a lot of good that increased chance of one Elder Homunculus will be to us then ;)

Remember, the only incentive Mobage has to get trades up sooner is their bottom line. Don't let them the catch you off guard with these feeble attempts to buy your affection with their special "campaigns" until they give us what we really want back:

The Ability to Trade.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

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Spawn of the Devil Queen?

Envious of the Devil Queen Hoarders?

Well if the rumors are true, skill boosting is about to become easier in the form of more Gacha Rewards.

For those of you who don't know, the Devil Queen is a skill level enhancing card.

Meaning when you use it, you retain a 50% chance of a leveling your card's skill boost during enhancing. Therefore, 2 Devil Queens automatically give you a 100% guaranteed skill boost (1 level up)

Devil Queen is the only exception to these rules...

Percentage of Boosting a Card's Skill Level Decelerates Based on the Following:

Card You Are Trying to Skill Boost Up:

  • The higher your main card's rarity
  • The higher the skill level of your main card

Cards You Are Using to Enhance (card that's used as "bait"):
  • The lower the rarity of your enhancer cards
  • The lower the skill of your enhancer cards

★Click Here for Skill Boosting Probability Charts Based on Rarity of Main Card vs. Bait Card

★ Click Here for a Full Guide to Skill Boosting
Boost Percentages & explanation of how to best utilize your card's skills

Rumor has it...

With so many obstacles, it's no wonder the devil queen is legend deck owner's best friend. Only problem is she is extremely hard to obtain. Thus far, she has only been a prize for Non Battle Quest Events (i.e. Keepers of the Easter Egg and Tears of the Moon) until she was recently added as a reward for Top 10 consecutive battle rankers. Because she is so sought after and scarce, she sells for an extremely high price! But not to worry...

Meet the Mini Devil Queen...

Image and Gossip provided by Bahumut5
★ Admin for ROB Wikia

Rumors have it that she guarantees a 20% chance of skill boost probability. Also I'm hearing that she we be released as one of the Rage of Bahamut's Gacha Rewards via Silver Coin Packs (available through HW). Perhaps to offset the lengthy period between Quest Events (that are non large boss battle). Since thus far, this is the only place the Devil Queens have been released.

Since probability to level your card's current skill boost level is less than its predecessor, perhaps it will also be easier to obtain. However, this card is just recently being released in the Japanese version. Hopefully, it won't take 6 months or so for the English Version catch on.

Cross your fingers!

Saturday, September 1, 2012

ROB's Latest Campaign and Discussion on the Current Trade/Gift Ban

Limited Time: 3 Million User Campaign Event

This User Campaign will last from 9/1/12 - 9/15/12

Stamp Collecting:

Log in for 10 days out of the 15 days period to receive all 10 stamps.

If you log in for more than 10 days, the prize will be the same for each of the remaining days:

1 Angel Queen & 1000 Friendship Points

Campaign Cards:

10th Stamp Reward:

Demons Dark Angel Olivia (S Rare)

ATK: 1660 DEF: 1390 PWR Required: 10

Skill: [Fallen Sword]
Effect: Big boost to ATK/DEF (all)

This card cannot be traded nor gifted.
Currently you can't evolve it, but you'll be able to evolve it at a later date.
This card will also be given out as a reward in future events.

Final Form Stats

Demons Dark Angel Olivia (SS Rare)

ATK: 5490 DEF: 6910 PWR Required: 26

Skill: [Fallen Sword]
Effect: Great boost to ATK/DEF (all)

In a 4-6 Evo:
A: 18958/ D: 15073

Blog Author's Opinion

Campaign during the Trade/Gift Ban:

Since all trading has come to halt as of 8/29/12, it seems like this is cygames frivolous attempt at keeping it's 3 million users intrigued enough to keep logging in each day. Given the fact that the game has become rather underwhelming, perhaps the hope of being able to one day enhance our wish list will for sure be enough to keep us playing! Right?! (。-_-。)

Adding insult to injury let's talk about Olivia. Not only will she not be able to be traded (not that we could anyway), her boost is only around 3.5% in her first 3 Evo's. But not to worry ladies and gents, Bc in SSR form it skyrockets to a whopping 5%! (how many will stick around to for that wondrous hat trick of an Evo. ☄(◎_◎;)

I guess we can cross our fingers and hope that we get an SS Rare card out the elusive legend claim pack tickets!

Thanks for listening to this rather lengthy rant. I am however interested in your thoughts? Is their a silver lining that I'm missing the forest for the trees?

Please list your thoughts below.

Friday, August 31, 2012

God Card FF Evo Stats & Skills

Updated 9-1-2012

If you are viewing the mobile version of this page, tilt to landscape mode for optimized viewing.

Here is the lastest Final Forum Evo Stats for most God HRs and up.

The cards with asterisks next to their name, have not yet been released, but gives you a general idea of what we have to look forward too.

I also included the skills since those matter when searching for Cards.