Saturday, September 1, 2012

ROB's Latest Campaign and Discussion on the Current Trade/Gift Ban

Limited Time: 3 Million User Campaign Event

This User Campaign will last from 9/1/12 - 9/15/12

Stamp Collecting:

Log in for 10 days out of the 15 days period to receive all 10 stamps.

If you log in for more than 10 days, the prize will be the same for each of the remaining days:

1 Angel Queen & 1000 Friendship Points

Campaign Cards:

10th Stamp Reward:

Demons Dark Angel Olivia (S Rare)

ATK: 1660 DEF: 1390 PWR Required: 10

Skill: [Fallen Sword]
Effect: Big boost to ATK/DEF (all)

This card cannot be traded nor gifted.
Currently you can't evolve it, but you'll be able to evolve it at a later date.
This card will also be given out as a reward in future events.

Final Form Stats

Demons Dark Angel Olivia (SS Rare)

ATK: 5490 DEF: 6910 PWR Required: 26

Skill: [Fallen Sword]
Effect: Great boost to ATK/DEF (all)

In a 4-6 Evo:
A: 18958/ D: 15073

Blog Author's Opinion

Campaign during the Trade/Gift Ban:

Since all trading has come to halt as of 8/29/12, it seems like this is cygames frivolous attempt at keeping it's 3 million users intrigued enough to keep logging in each day. Given the fact that the game has become rather underwhelming, perhaps the hope of being able to one day enhance our wish list will for sure be enough to keep us playing! Right?! (。-_-。)

Adding insult to injury let's talk about Olivia. Not only will she not be able to be traded (not that we could anyway), her boost is only around 3.5% in her first 3 Evo's. But not to worry ladies and gents, Bc in SSR form it skyrockets to a whopping 5%! (how many will stick around to for that wondrous hat trick of an Evo. ☄(◎_◎;)

I guess we can cross our fingers and hope that we get an SS Rare card out the elusive legend claim pack tickets!

Thanks for listening to this rather lengthy rant. I am however interested in your thoughts? Is their a silver lining that I'm missing the forest for the trees?

Please list your thoughts below.


joshua andrews said...

ok not as long of a rant as i expected from you to be honest. No silver lining either. The current trade banned is crazy. And now they come out with a joke of a card...and to top it off it can't be traded. That is not the sign I want to where this "Trading Game" is going. And you don't allow me to curse so I will not even get into your comment on legend claim tickets.

Steven Arnold said...

I think people are getting a little crazy...if they are truly shutting down trading to better there security to stop the rapent hacking I'm all for it. Right before hw 5.5 some of the best players like tactic1 and the leader of utopia (forget ign) were hacked and driven to leave the game. Imagine if you were them... Also Olivia is getting a bit of a bad wrap as well, in my opinion this card is better than trow elf. There are still a huge number of demon decks that use trow as a wing card and Olivia's attack is only about 100 points less but has an ability that can actually activate and increase there attack; though it may not be a lot it's still better then a demon deck with a big boost to gods attack. So, if anything I think this makes trow elf obsolete. This is of coarse depending on how difficult it will be to get the other three to get it to ff in the events.

Bahumut5 said...

I could rant about this a lot, and you know I can ;)
However, Ill just add this: The trading ban will last for quite some time due to the massive amount of hacking recently. Cygames just want people to calm down and give them something to do in the meantime. So what do they do?
Lets add a crappy card 90% of players will never be able to finish evolving anyway because more Olivia cards will be given to top orders in Holy Wars and only the final version will be useful! (Whoopdiefreakingdoo).

Probably the event will be released halfway through the stamp collecting bonus and they expect people to be so busy they will all forget about trading (Cause the game is in no way a trading card game, right?).

They are desperate. Its quite obvious seeing as there was no 2 million players login bonus.

FatCatEdDo said...

Sorry i was under the impression that great boost is 10%?
Is it because it is both attack/def that it is 10%/2 = 5%?

So would self boosts work that way
As well?

Massive = 40%. but only 20% buff to itself for attack, and 20% buff to itself for defense?

Vincent said...

It's not a long enough rant really. I was hopping for more. I, like many, are getting frustrated with the trading restrictions, the lack of Rupies for enhancing and the cost of enhancing just seems to cost so much more for so little, etc. etc. etc. (how's that for a little rant? LOL)

ign: johncfl71

Arbiter said...

it all depends on skill for example big boost to gods atk is 13%
but big boost to gods atk/def is only 8%
massive boost to gods def is 20%
while massive boost to self atk/def is 40%

Isaac Ngirachedeng said...

I personally hate the limitations for the trade/gift restrictions.
It was the whole main ideal of trading and gifting that made the game fun for me.
However, it's understandable that R.O.B has to temporarily shut it down cause of all the hacking.
I wouldn't like to be hacked so I understand how others feel.
However, if they don't fix the limitations quickly they may loose a lot of players.
This whole 3+ million user campaign is just them finding a way to keep users intrigued too by them enough time to fix the current issues.
As for the Olivia she does seem completely useless if you personally cant trade/gift her.
It's merely impossible for someone (such as myself) to complete the evolution.
So, therefore she'd be a dying cause.
As for the Legend Claim tickets. Those are a total rip off.
They should be nothing but rares and up.
Majority of the cards you receive out of those are high normal. Personally I think the high normal and normal should be placed in the friendship card packs.
I just really hope R.O.B maintenance can fix the trading/gifting quickly.
I find the game rather addicting for only playing for about 3 weeks now.
If we loose this privileged of trading/gifting I might end up quitting.

IGN : evilmelee93

Zuks said...

"Sorry i was under the impression that great boost is 10%?
Is it because it is both attack/def that it is 10%/2 = 5%?

So would self boosts work that way
As well?

Massive = 40%. but only 20% buff to itself for attack, and 20% buff to itself for defense?"

-2012-09-01 19:21:11 / FatCatEdDo

No actually. The boost is only 5% Bc of its wide coverage range. Like Knight Luci & Princess Invite cards. The more realm coverage and Atk or Def Capability the lower the boost. Which is why self boosters are so high being that they only cover themselves. Check the section labeled [Skill Boosting] on the menu options at the top of the blog. There's a detailed chart showing most percentages.

Åke said...

It sucks that trade is down.

It sucks even more that hacking is an issue due to bad security.

Long term hacking is causing this game to be a reason why people will not continue. In my order people have sold their decks cause of a person being hacked. When you are top 10 in the battle ranking for several weeks you start to feel you have a target on your back "when will my account be hacked?".

Having some experience of game development and security glitches its not something you fix in a day. The entire trade/gift process is probably being re-modified even if once it goes online again us user will see no difference. This is just speculation but perhaps there might be something implemented that will help Cygames to reimburse hacked accounts?

As for the issue it self where accounts being hacked. There are so many things they could do to improve the security. One being that each user account is separated from the screen name.

Just like you have for online poker.

I am not sure why things like this is not being implemented but perhaps one reason is that Cygames are using the same platform for other games and it would indirectly effect those games?

If the downtime will increase security level and minimize hacking. Then honestly I don't care its a downtime I gladly take with or without any promotions.

J-Dub said...

I understand the security issue, but I don't think cygames needed to halt all trades and gifts. I think they should have just forced all user to change their passwords, via the email registered to the account and force strong password policies (i.e. minimum of 7 characters, 2 uppercase, 2 lowercase, 2 numbers, and 2 special characters).

I personally think Olivia will be tradable and here is why:
If you go to the menu, select "Archive", and select any one of the cards you have, you will notice below the picture and lore is the phrase "This card cannot be traded nor gifted. Currently you can't evolve it, but you'll be able to evolve it at a later date"
I think this is just the default RoB message that is displayed when you view a card thats not part of a card inventory.
I think once Olivia is in your inventory, you will be able to evolve/trade/gift her, that is if this stupid ban gets lifted.

Steven Arnold said...

From what I've heard Olivia has been out for two months on the Japanese version and is still seems the only way to get more is through events

Arbiter said...

Hey miz not really relevant but when do you think the us version will get 5th evos and legends
and also how long will it take before hws give legends like Lucifer and Arthur
i have seen the japanese wiki and the rewards are way better than what they are now

Bella0034 said...

This is just a stupid card that's going to take space and it's going to be obsolete and unusable, why would you use a card with so low stats? Maybe they will let u use it as a feeder later on because I don't see what else will it be good for, even ff high rares have better stats than "that"

Steven Arnold said...'s 4-6 evo's final attack is over 18.5k

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure the card will be tradeable. The " this card will not be tradeable " is also under all cards in your archive due to the current ban. Well, at least I think so

Mark Nancy said...

I'm am not a ROB power gamer by any means, mostly just an intermediate player. Here's my question: How is all this password hacking happening? I haven't heard of anything about cygames/mobage databases getting hacked. My "assumption" is that hackers are just guessing peoples passwords??? If this is the case, just enforce stronger passwords and also do the after 5 login failures you are locked out for an hour (or day).

If somebody reading this has been hacked, please let us know how you were hacked (or how you think you were hacked). That way the rest of us know....


watson387 said...

I would also like to know how the hacking is occurring. As far as the card goes, well, any free card is better than no free card. lol


Mark Nancy said...

Having no trades for a week and counting is pretty bad. A day or two I could see, but this long is pretty much killing the game. And this 3M user campaign would be okay in general, but if its suppose to be compensation for the trade/gift ban, then I think they need to up the ante, especially if this drags out much longer....

Oh, and now I like how they have the new 10 card legend box + 2 5x chance SR cards. Until trading resumes, there's no chance I will spend any more on this game....

INTERCUT said...

I think this restriction totally sux! What good is a trading card game that doesn't allow you to trade cards? Pile that on top of HW and other issues doesn't bode well for RoB.

But to bide time I fell into the "if I can't trade for cards I'll roll the dice with a booster boxes" crowd. What a WASTE!!! Bought two of the new 10 card boxes and got the following:

Pack 1
High Witch
High Daemon
High Shaman
Goblin Fighter
High Lancer (x2)
Samurai (HN)
Claim Tick Cards High Gunner & Nymph

Pack 2
Elder Dragon (x2)
Gnome (HN)
Lancer (HN)
Amazon (HN)
High Shaman
Claim Ticket Cards - Gladiator & Great Spirit

Low end junk and only three cards with a Cost >18. Sux isn't a strong enough word.

If the embargo is ever lifted ALL of these will be exported or used as cannon fodder (enhancers.)

clayton johnson said...

I have you beat Intercut. This is what I got from the booster box:
High gunner
High lancer
High shaman
High elf
The free tickets were:
High witch
I am done spending money on this game. I get feeders and hackers and cheaters get sr's and ssr's.

Zuks said...

Well based on what I know about the 2x SR and up chance basically means you have a 5% chance now of obtaining an SR and a 2.5% chance of getting an SSR ( but probably still only .5% since it only says the chance of the SR is increased). IMO, don't waste your time. You're only supplementing cygames loss of income since trades have been brought to halt. The more people that spend money on that the more time you're buying the game in time to delay reinstating trading.

Mark Nancy said...

I assumed this was a desperate attempt by cygames to keep money coming in during this trade stoppage. I agree, all of us players should have a total boycott of spending any money until trading is allowed again. I think the only thing that will motivate cygames/mobage is loss of profit.

Zodius said...

Actually I've been wanting to say the table is wrong... Great hit to all atk/def should be 10% (base on luci) and not 5%. Base on similiar skill coverage, Olivia boost should be 10% too

wickythegreat said...

You know if everyone just didnt login for a few days they'd see it a lil diff i think... And not to mention i have hundreds of dollars invested in to my accts id personally like to trade amongst them and with others and olivia i feel is going to be trash but if u do happen to actually finish her evo... Maxed with a few skill ups i can imagine she will holdher own

Jozef Andrejo said...

Do any of you think that we'll be able to trade Olivia after the event is done?