Sunday, September 2, 2012

Spawn of the Devil Queen?

Envious of the Devil Queen Hoarders?

Well if the rumors are true, skill boosting is about to become easier in the form of more Gacha Rewards.

For those of you who don't know, the Devil Queen is a skill level enhancing card.

Meaning when you use it, you retain a 50% chance of a leveling your card's skill boost during enhancing. Therefore, 2 Devil Queens automatically give you a 100% guaranteed skill boost (1 level up)

Devil Queen is the only exception to these rules...

Percentage of Boosting a Card's Skill Level Decelerates Based on the Following:

Card You Are Trying to Skill Boost Up:

  • The higher your main card's rarity
  • The higher the skill level of your main card

Cards You Are Using to Enhance (card that's used as "bait"):
  • The lower the rarity of your enhancer cards
  • The lower the skill of your enhancer cards

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Boost Percentages & explanation of how to best utilize your card's skills

Rumor has it...

With so many obstacles, it's no wonder the devil queen is legend deck owner's best friend. Only problem is she is extremely hard to obtain. Thus far, she has only been a prize for Non Battle Quest Events (i.e. Keepers of the Easter Egg and Tears of the Moon) until she was recently added as a reward for Top 10 consecutive battle rankers. Because she is so sought after and scarce, she sells for an extremely high price! But not to worry...

Meet the Mini Devil Queen...

Image and Gossip provided by Bahumut5
★ Admin for ROB Wikia

Rumors have it that she guarantees a 20% chance of skill boost probability. Also I'm hearing that she we be released as one of the Rage of Bahamut's Gacha Rewards via Silver Coin Packs (available through HW). Perhaps to offset the lengthy period between Quest Events (that are non large boss battle). Since thus far, this is the only place the Devil Queens have been released.

Since probability to level your card's current skill boost level is less than its predecessor, perhaps it will also be easier to obtain. However, this card is just recently being released in the Japanese version. Hopefully, it won't take 6 months or so for the English Version catch on.

Cross your fingers!

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