Tuesday, July 10, 2012

*Updated* ROB Holy Wars Contest.

The Contest is Officially Over!

Special Thanks to AdamBalm for taking the time to take screenshots of each days results, even though he was not one of the top rankers. You've been a huge help and I'm sending something your way.

Prizes that appear in Black Below should be in the winner's presents box by now
All Winners will each receive:

500k in Rupies*
❷ 3 Holy Powders
❸ 2 CW
4 Knight Luciella*

Grand Prize Winner will receive:

An Additional 250k in Rupies*
❷ HR Chimera (can at least get hp or good trade out of it, if it doesn't suit your deck;)

* Items that appear in orange will be distributed at later date when the referral issue is resolved. For more info, continue reading this post...

Ty all for participating! I appreciate all your kind words and encouragement. I wish you all the best of luck in and outside the game.

Delay in Certain Prizes Being Distributed

Unfortunately the individual I buy my Rupies and invite cards from has been unable to receive the referral bonuses due to the issue ROB is having.

I personally tested this by referring someone to see if ROB had actually fixed it (like they claim above). That was 2 hours ago, and I have yet to receive anything.

In any event the prizes displayed in orange will be distributed when the issue IS ACTUALLY RESOLVED. The other prizes will still be delivered to the winners later today. I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.


Zuks said...

Ok problem solved with my supplier. She says she will have what I need for you guys within the next few days. Thank you for your patience.

Lilpie2 said...

The new invite rules kinda slow the process down now..

Zuks said...

Yeah I'm guessing that's it. She said she should could get me about 4 LUCIES and Rupies each day. So I sent andj his today. Since technically he had the highest rank 2 days out of the 3. Tomorrow I'll send grand prize 750k out. & Luci's out. Then I'll send the other 2 winners Theirs over the next 2 days. If all stays on course with my supplier ;)

Zuks said...

Next contest I'll just but them ahead of time. And let them sit in my trades. Bc all those Luci's take up way too much space in my deck lol.

joshua andrews said...

Thank u. And i will leave your logo on for awhile.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, you really did not have to, I will be leaving your logo on for a long time as well. Good luck on the next event and hope you rank super high!


Zuks said...

Thanks guys. Really appreciate your patience on the Rupies and Luci. Soon as I get them you will have them. Promise next time to not do a contest while Mobage switches stuff up lol. Or get everything ahead of time lol

Zuks said...

CTALBUS: you were scheduled to get ur LUCI's today + 750Rupies, I haven't forgotten about u, but just got them right before maintenance. So I will send them as soon as server is back up or first thing when I get up in morning thanks.

Then tomorrow LilPie2,

Day after Mas2kil.