Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Battle Ranking

About Battle Awards

Compete in this event to get the most weekly Honors. Honor can be acquired in battle.

【Tally time span】
One week
starting at 5:00 AM Mondays (ET)

Every Monday at 6:00 AM (ET)
*Date and time are subject to change.

You can get Gems, necessary for exchanging for items!

Collect Gems and exchange them for fabulous items!

Battle Award results are calculated every Monday.
After that, Gems are distributed automatically.
Gems awarded based on rank
Rank #1
300 Gems
200 Gems
100 Gems
80 Gems
50 Gems
40 Gems
20 Gems
10 Gems
In order to get Gems you need to score at least 500 Honor Points during the ranking period.
Like Holy Wars "War Points", the battle ranking system uses something called "Honor Points" which works the same the way to even out the emulators that always get Rank #1 with their 500+ attacks.

For those of you not familiar with Holy Wars, basically it means that the more you attack with, the higher chance you have of scoring more honor points. This also depends on your opponent's deck. The stronger their deck, the more points you will gain from a win. I am guessing that this is to discourage us from farming the weak.

In my opinion, this is a much better system. Although it doesn't eliminate the emulator problem (bc you could just program the emulator to attack max everytime you fill up), it does at least even the playing field.

As an added bonus though, not only do you gain points from your own attack victories, but also your defense victories. If you have a great defense deck, I would recommend baiting players into attacking you by using a low end leader card. People want to get as many victories as possible, while conserving their attack strength. Players that attack more often with 4 cards, will have a better chance of gaining more points than those who only attack every so often with their full deck.

I know I personally look for players with lower leader cards and lower def points to attack, because I do it so often. Plus most people would rather take the chance on gaining a little less in honor points, than an all out loss and getting zero going against a full Evo SS leader card's Deck. So make sure you keep this in mind.

On the contrary, lets say you're getting farmed by everyone & their mother. This leads to constantly loosing your defending battles because your def is deteriorating. Take a page out the frilled neck lizard's book & choose the highest full Evo card you have as your leader. Thus, giving the impression that your deck maybe larger than it actually is.

Did you know about the Victory Raised through Morale Bonuses? 

If you attack and win a lot of times you will see an image that says "Morale Raised through Victory 10% Boost for the next 10mins" Did you also know that if you use a few holy powders within that time frame, it will eventually go up to 30%? Then you have a better chance of winning against the high ranking players for more Honor Points! So make sure you're planning your decks out and attacks right.  Using 3 holy powders a day can easily boost a player with base attack of 65k into the top 500 each day.  Which in my opinion can be more beneficial than waiting till holy wars because there is a higher payout with how often you have to use holy powder vs. how much you gain.  I'm sure a lot of you experts already know this, but if you didn't I hope this help get you more points.


Just wanted to show you guys how easy it is to make top 100 using this method.

I used 5hp yesterday and battled a few times throughout the day.

Imagine what rank you could actually achieve by trying! 

Good luck my friends!


Donovan Williams said...

What exactly is this? An event like Fafner Raid or Holy Wars? or do current battles count towards rankings as well?

Zuks said...

Not for event battles. It's the way they are going to change the battle rankings for usual battles.

Unknown said...

Any idea how people are generating 30k+ honor a day? That would take a lot of HPs.

Zuks said...

The best advice I can offer is to stay around level 40ish and don't close your sets. When u pick up items that are blue (for the most part), you will get mass attacked until your def is lowered enough for someone to get your treasure. Thus, gaining a lot of honor points.

MoonlitMystery said...
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星子 said...

How to stay around lvl 40?? unless we stop quest. But we can't get boost points if we didn't go quest.
Any advise?

Zuks said...

Actually they have since updated their system since I wrote this post. So u can def level up now and gain more points. The more attackers u have filled when u attack, the more points u get. Also the more often the opponent u r attacking has been attacking throughout the day, the more points u get.

Graeme said...

When exchanging gems for card packs, is it better to go with 4 rare and up packs, or 1 hr and up? I have around 150 gems right now and I'm not sure if I should cash in now or save up for the hr and up

Graeme said...

Ign: DomMazzeti