Thursday, June 21, 2012

Deck Tip

There's something that's been bothering me lately about the cards with the Self Atk/Def boost getting a bad wrap. Cards like Hermes & Yinglong. A lot of people are asking,

"Why do I want these cards, if they only raise themselves? Why not an attack all skill? That's better after all"

No no no! You're so very mistaken.

Let's go back to the skill chart
And yes this chart is correct as you will find it listed the same way on the japanese version sites and a few of our version as well.

Let's look at some of the cards in my deck.
Hermes skill is great boost its attack and def, which is right around 30% (big is def 20% and massive is 40 for self atk and def)

So let's take Hermes skill bonus
attack: 19072 x 30% = 5722 skill bonus
And def: 18392 x 30% = 5499 skill bonus

The average person that is level 60 has a deck of each card being approximately 13000 atk & def.

13000 x 5 = 65000 total avg attack without boosts.

Valk's gods attack skill is 15% to all gods.

So let's say you have all god cards at around 13k average attack, that's 65000 avg attack x 15% boosts = 9750, but again you would have to have all god cards! Now before you get hasty and say that's still higher than it is with Hermes, I'll correct you.

Hermes boost is for attack and def! So if we added those two Hermes boost together 5722 + 5499 = 11221! Which beats Valkyrie. And more suitable most other SS RARE Evo bonuses with the single realm attack (or just defense) boost.

Now let's take another Evo SS RARE, but with an attack all boost. Nobunaga has attack boost all but only 10% for each card. 4max Nobu is at 13k, if u have 4 other cards around the same (totaling an average of 65000), it would be a 6500 bonus. But again this bonus is only in attack.
Now what do you do with this information? You start trading smart! I was able to get my 2 of my Hermes from two separate people using the much over rated card Michael with a Great attack all boost. Most people who have fully Evo maxed Mike in their decks have an average deck with an attack of 16500 per card. So that's 16500 x 5 cards = 82500. So 10% of that is 8250. But again this is only in attack! Compared to Hermes which gives your deck a total boost of 11221 total between both decks.

And thats trading with the hard line traders level 100 and up. Imagine what you can do if you're not in a hurry for your cards (like me who always wants instant gratification). I hope this helps you guys in your future by killing 2 birds with one stone and strengthening not only your attack, but also your defense. Trade smart people! Good Luck!
Just always remember the broader the realm boost window, the lower the actual base (level 1) of the boost will be.

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John said...
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John said...

IGN: faerellg

I think there's a few flaws with your logic.

1. At higher levels, you're not fighting with anything less than a 5 card deck, so the possibility of boosting more than 2 cards with a "1 type" boost is much higher. Getting a boost of 15% (valk) to 3 cards at 13k is going to be nearly a 6k boost.
While getting 30% to one guy at 13k is only around 4k boost.

2. You should also take into account Skill-ups. I recall reading that Skilling up increases the % boost by 1% per skill level.

So if your Self Boost is 30% at base, and you skill up 5 times, you get an additional 5% to just 1 card.

But if your All boost is a 10% and you skill up just once, you get 1% for every card. With 5 cards, that makes 1 skill up on an "All boost" card equal to 5 skill ups on a "self boost" card.

3. Things that boost Attack and Defense generally aren't as good because you have to consider the raw values. For example, I would not want to use Mime on defense even though he has a big self +Atk/Def. A big boost on a small number is suddenly not so big...and Mime's defense value is small compared to others of his level.

You need to make sure that both Attack and Defense values on the "boost both Atk/Def" cards are competitively high.

I'm not saying that self-boost cards are bad. I'm saying they're situational and do the same regardless of the size of the deck, while Boost 1 type or all types skills get better the more people in your deck.
Also, you have to consider that skill ups are better expended on "boost 1 type" or "boost all" skills.

XCON1 said...

Hermes isn't better then Nymph. :p