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Stats on Legend Packs. What's the deal??

I'm interested in hearing from you guys regarding legend claim tickets and buying card packs. Let's figure out some ratios once and for all.

Please comment below on what card types you have received from your legend packs. Let's figure out whether or not this is a good investment.

Please state the following:

•1• Your Account(s) level

•2• How many free claim tickets you have received (approx. include event prize tickets too)

•3• What rarity type of cards have you have received?

•4• Have you ever received a High Rare or higher rarity card?

•5• If so, what was it? Was it from your claim tickets or RageMedals (ios version) aka MobaCoins (Android version)?

•6• Your IGN (optional)

★If we get over 100 comments, I will gift the person who answers these questions the most concisely (best of their ability) 500k and 10cw

for the upcoming quest event. If that doesn't interest you, then just answer as best as you can for no reason other to see whether or not buying these card packs are worth it.


Ricardo Andino said...

1. level 58
2. about 10 or so started playing few weeks ago.
3. mostly rares.
4. Cybele and Minotaur(this is after 6 different devices I invited to play the game with)
5. All from claim tickets.I play on Apple IPAD2 and Google Nexus Ice Cream OS. RageMedals just have gotten me rares.

Just on a side note. I have played magic the card game and eye of judgement(card game on PS3) i have spend lots of money on cards but the ratio was good.

I feel that if there a picture of Minatour on the friendship pack they should dish out high rares. If that is not the case there should be a in between pack, half the price of booster or something. I bought 2 booster packs and all I have recieved are rares.

dystania said...

1. 71

2. 6

3. High Normal, Rare

4. Yes

5. My Legendary CP Tickets from the 6 were Rare. I have purchased about 8 to 10 CPs and mostly received Rares with 2 High Normal and 1 S Rare being a Tiamat. I purchased those on the Android Version. I haven't used my most recent CP but will update when I do.

6. dystania

Side note: I've also purchased the 5 for 6 and have noticed that, my luck at least, when purchasing in succession during the rare and up campaign I received four high rares and 1 S Rare. Outside of that campaign I received at least 1 high normal per two boxes and 1 high rare per four.

Zuks said...

They do give u high rares. But it's just highly rare that u get them lol. Sorry just have a couple more questions if u don't mind. Do u remember at what level u were in the game when u received cybele and Mino?

Ricardo Andino said...

mino today when I recieved the free voucher. Cybell when I used one of my friends device to use my referel code.

Zuks said...

My other question was cut off. On the free claim ticket was it when you first started on friends phone? If so before or after boss battle?

Zuks said...

•1• level 71

•2• Probably around 12 claim tickets

•3• Only Rare & HN (about 50/50)

•4• No

•5• I have spent about $100 also on Booster Boxes and Legend Packs. Never received anything above Rare

•6• IGN-MIzMizuki

Bahumut5 said...

1: Level 94
2: Around 11
3: Guess would be 4 rares, 1 High Rare, rest High Normal
4: Obviously, see question 3
5: Android, reward for coming in #36 as order in Holy War
6: Bahumut5

I'm really glad somebody is trying this. I've been trying for a long time myself as well ^^

Zuks said...

Thanks Bahamut5. Really appreciate ur feedback :)

kmfnj said...

1: 42
2: Around 5 or 6
3: Pretty much even between Rares and HN's
4: I haven't gotten HR or better, but I know others have.
5: Regarding #4: It was on a friend's account, and it was a Legend CP Claim Ticket.
6: IGN kmfnj

joshua andrews said...

Lvl 75

Free tickets = 5
Moba coin = 5 boxes (30 cards)

Have got most r + hr
First box purchase got Sr
Plus bought 3boxes when chances or ssr and Sr were double got 1 ssr (shen) Sr (1temp

Today got new demon hr with free ticket.
Also was surprised today with free friendship points got 4 rares.

Realm box stunk n hn 1r.

Ign - Andrj072

Sean Naquin said...

1: lvl 63
2: 4 claim tickets received
2.1: bought 1 6-pack during "R+" event & 2 6-packs during "SR & SSR chance x2" event
3: SR+: 0
HR: 1
R: 11
HN: 8
N: 2 (from rage medal packs during SR/SSR x2)
4: once
5: Sektor, from claim ticket durring Holy War 3 on iOS
6: MidoriKaze0
assessment: unless they seriously change things, keep your money. The packs are currently a ripoff

MoonlitMystery said...

•1• Level 56

•2• 5 (the first one, level 20, & level 40

•3• the very first ticket i claimed early on in the game, got me Daphne. Other than that, the claim tickets were HN/R

•4 & 5• on my friend's phone, i got her to level 10. when i claimed her one free ticket on her iPhone, we got an HR! Mayahuel (this was the only claim ticket she received as she did not continue the game).

•6• moonlitmystery

Bizarre_me said...

1. 69
2. 5?
3. mostly R, 2 HR, 1 SR
4. yes
5. lvl 40 (maybe) legend pack got a Fairy Princess, Ares from using a friends phone after the boss battle (when we had the greater chance of getting good stuff) and today got a Chimera

[on a side note, from today's legend pack, my RL friend lvl 82 got an Ares and my other RL friend lvl 62 got a Succubus]


We have been wondering the same thing as well. Hope this helps!

Ricardo Andino said...

After when you defeat the first boss. I do want to add I got axe man with silver coins I know is outside the scope of the question.

DCalCoda said...

1. Level 48
2. 7 free claim tickets, in total
3. 3 rare, 4 hn
4. Yes; HR Ifrit
5. It was early on in the game(around level 25)when I purchased the "one time only" discounted claim ticket for 100 Rage Medals. I received a HR Ifrit, {which was promptly traded to someone with much more experience and savvy.}*ticket bought during HR/S/SS drop event*
6. DCalCoda
1. I purchased the new 6 for 5 Man Realm pack and received 4 rares and 2 high normals.
2. I have purchased numerous single claim tickets(much to my husband's chagrin) after my initial excitement at getting an Ifrit. 6-7 $-2.99 purchases later I am stuck with many Hnormals and a couple Rares I could have traded for anyway.

My conclusion? NOT worth the money(or the relationship strife).

the one who goes his own way said...

1. Level 82
2. My guess is around 10.
3. High Normals (few), Rares (most), High Rares (two). I have not received a higher rarity than High Rare.
4. Yes
5. Sektor and Ares. Both from claim tickets.
6. Rhynne104

Don't count my data twice as I am Ditzsun (bizzare_me)'s friend posting.

Good luck with the data compilation!

Anonymous said...

•1• Your Account(s) level: 84

•2• How many free claim tickets you have received (approx. include event prize tickets too): 16

•3• What rarity type of cards have you have received?: High Normal, Rare, High Rare, S Rare

•4• Have you ever received a High Rare or higher rarity card?: Yes

•5• If so, what was it? Was it from your claim tickets or RageMedals (ios version) aka MobaCoins (Android version)?: Dancing Princess, Fairy Princess. Both Claim Tickets.

•6• Your IGN (optional): Mas2kil

Arisa said...

1. Level 47
2. 6 Claim Tickets
3. HR (x1)
R (x4)
HN (x1)
4. Yes
5. Mythril Golem (from 1 million user promotion)
6. Mrawry

Mr3dPHD said...

1. LV
2. I believe 9. I have also bought 3 draws from Rage Medals.
3. SR, HR, R, and HN (although not necessarily all from free tickets.)
4. 1 SR and 3 HR.
5. My best card was a SR Sanada Yukimura (I believe this was my very first ticket from joining the game). Also drawn HR Ares, HR Paladin, & HR Odysseus. Lucky I chose Man as my race! =D
I wish i could remember the details of which were free and which were Rage Medals. The only ones I know for sure are the Odysseus and Paladin were from free draws, and I'm almost positive the Yuki was a free draw as well.

Mr3dPHD said...

1) was supposed to say LV45 by the way, ha ha...

Unknown said...

Level 65... i had more luck in passed but angry with the new bioster that came out today.... i bought 6 over 90$ the first had 4 high normals in ot then i ran through the other 5 getting madder and madder and in total only got 1 high rare and nothing higher.... really bs they have no love for the people making them rich please support

Max Vernon said...

1: Level 73

2: 5 Claim tickets (also spent £120 on 6for5)

3: 1 High Rare, 4 or 5 Rares, Rest all normal

4: Only once (lovely elf)

5: My high rate came from my level 40 claim ticket

6: IGN: Kiskaa

On a side note, I'm personally never spending a single penny extra on card packs. Having spent over £120 on card packs to get a miniscule amounts of rare cards, and my only HR coming from a free claim ticket, the rest all being high normal cards, I feel buying card packs is nothing short of a complete con. When spending around £16 on a 6for5 packs to get complete junk is diabolical, the minimum card you should be getting imo is a rare card.

Max Vernon said...

1: Level 73

2: 5 Claim tickets (also spent £120 on 6for5)

3: 1 High Rare, 4 or 5 Rares, Rest all normal

4: Only once (lovely elf)

5: My high rate came from my level 40 claim ticket

6: IGN: Kiskaa

On a side note, I'm personally never spending a single penny extra on card packs. Having spent over £120 on card packs to get a miniscule amounts of rare cards, and my only HR coming from a free claim ticket, the rest all being high normal cards, I feel buying card packs is nothing short of a complete con. When spending around £16 on a 6for5 packs to get complete junk is diabolical, the minimum card you should be getting imo is a rare card.

Max Vernon said...

I forgot to say I'm on Android (ICS)

Technomagez said...

1. 74
2. 6 maybe 7
3. I have gotten all rares and 1 HR (vamp lord, with was one of my 2 from getting to lvl 40), but I only claim during X2 chance for SSR events other than my very first claim ticket
4. see above
5. I have only brought 1 pack with rage coins since it was only 100, all were from prizes and lvl up's
6. technomagez

Technomagez said...

oh ragemedals so I am on a Iphone5

jesse shultz said...

1) 89

2) I've probably boughten $80 worth of mobacoins on top of the claim tickets so i'd put it around 15

3) Mostly HN and R's but 2 HR's.

4) yes

5) Inugami and Nightmare. Both were from free claim tickets. One around lvl 40 and the other after this latest HW. I have not gotten anything higher than rare from purchased packs from android market.

6) rumblethejungle

jesse shultz said...
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brough83 said...

I'll say this. I have purchased at least ten of the 6 for 5 and never got over a high rare. I have two tiamats and they both came in my friendship pack. Then i bought three of the realm packs(15 cards) and got three hrs and the rest rares or high normal. I'm wondering if it has to do with my weird hours. Or am i just unlucky? Brough83 friend me on mobage.

brough83 said...

I have bought at least ten and had 3 3 card claim tickets and got all rares or high normal except for 4 high rares. But I've also had two tiamats from friendship packs. I have weird hours and i thought that might be why. Hrs were 2 inugami 1 sektor and a master gunner.

Daimaoh22 said...

1. Level 76
2. 12 (10 claim tix, 2 with MobaCoins)
3. 10 rares, 1 hr, 1 unclaimed ticket
4. My 1 hr was Berserker.
5. Got hr from a claim tix around lvl 72.
6. Daimaoh

Side note: My wife and a friend used to play. They both got a claim tix at lvl 20. My wife got hr Inugami and my friend got S rare Tiamat.

Anonymous said...

1. 44 (pretty new at this)
2. 5 i guess (4 from leveling, 1 from celebration)
3. 1xHN, 2xR, 2xHR (Master Witch for lvl 10 or 20 and Mayahuel for celebration)
4. yes, 2/5
5. all from Claim tickets
6. frenchy2k1

I may be forgetting one more, but as they were all CP, you should know the number. 2 HRs so far for sure.
On friendship points, highest I got was Rare (twice in ~ 40 cards).

Max Vernon said...

Also another thing I'd like to point out to is, I just found out if your British or European , these card packs are costing us around 15-20% more than our US friends.
100 mobi coins is I believe .99 cents (correct if I'm wrong please)
100 mobicoins is .89 pence

Now u get on average 62 cents to the pound (£)(gbp) or for every dollar($) u get one pound & fourty eight pence (£1.48)

I would like to know how Mobage can justify the massive price distance between the 2 regions
of course I'd expect a a slight difference of a few pence/cents due to fluctuating exchange rates, but not such as big a difference as it currently is.

Perhaps this is another topic u can bring up

Max Vernon said...

I just noticed a slight error on my exchange rates, was supposed to be £1.38 per $1.

Reallymj said...

1. 45

2. 8 with claim tickets

3. 6 rares, 1 HN, 1 HR


5. Witch Commander from claim ticket when I hit lvl 20

6. Reallymj

Ricardo Andino said...

Exchange rates are Always weird look at console games differences. Just bought another pack all rares.

khbi said...

5.Gotten an Inugami,Tiamat,bought 2 legend CPs by purchasing mobacoins

stebo said...

1 90
2 12
3 hn r hr sr
4 yes
5 mostly rares some hn from tickets, bought alot of mobacoins
6 stebo2121

The ratio could be better out of 72 cards I paid for I should have got better cards only 3 hr and 1 sr, 18 or more hn cards and the rest rare, mostly low ranking ones that people don't even want to trade for

David Spencer said...

Well for me I've been playing 3 months and im level 60 or so

From claim tickets never got above rare mostly high normal and rare received 10 or so

From what ive purchased during the realm pack i bout 4 boxes and got ilimatar cybele ifirit and one other high rare god cant remember than mostly i got rares reshef was the bulk of the cards 1-2 each box. Never once received s rare bummer :(

Spencerdj121 in game name

For me the best boxes to buy were 5 for 6 atleast if you get hosed you have 6 hp to trade to make you feel better. I've also bought single packs and nothing impressive

My suggestion is allow players to choose a realm pack to buy and to pay more 600 moba coins or so for high rare and up and 1000 coins for srare and up and 1500 for ssrare and up. Just my opinion though.
hopefully this helps :)

Terry Adkins Jr said...

•1• Level 78

•2• 5 on my account. About 7 altogether on separate accounts

•3• R, HR, SR

•4• Yes; Tiamat and Hermes. I recieved them on a separate account from the claim tickets give at the newbie stage. (It was during the "Twice the Chance to Recieve Sr and Up" campaign)

•6• TerryAdkinsJr

I have never bought a ticket with MobaCoins, but many of the people in my order have, with no luck. I recieved a Tiamat during the twice the chance of pulling an SR or up out of the hat campaign. The interesting thing is, I used a claim ticket I recieved during the holy war, but instead of claiming the same day, I claimed the card after about 5. I think maybe the demand affected cards that were drawn. I also recieved a Hermes during the same campaign on a different account, but with the claim ticket you recieve once you reach level 20. I also pulled a witch commander and a lovely elf that day.

Brandon Cowan said...

1. 68
2. approx 15
3. HN-SSR (including mobacoin usage)
4. Yes
5. Cannot recall HR, but I pulled King Arthur SSR and Fairy Princess SR. All mobacoins.
6. Skitchvehemence

Unknown said...

1. I am level 54

2. I got 1 from beating the first boss, 1 from reaching level 20, 2 from reaching level 40 and 1 from the million campaign.

3. all rares no high rares or higher.

4. nope i'm very unlucky.

5. rare.

6. don't have one.

My name is epicness3234

Unknown said...

the first claim ticket you receive when signing up seems to only give rares (has anyone gotten anything else) the rest seem to range up to ssr. I was lvl 5 having just completed first boss and received 1mil gift. of those two tickets one gave qilin and the other game a HN >.<

IrishDart said...

1- I am a level 27 (only started this game a few days ago)

2-I have received 4 claim tickets

3-3 of the tickets were rares but the very first one I received was a HR Wraith, which, I've gotten a dozen offers on. I'm scared to sell her, lol.

4- Yes, the HR Wraith. Being my first card in a Legend CP, I have kept her the whole time, even though I'm a god realm. I've gotten great offers for her, and a lot of try-to-trick-a-newb offers but I don't know what I should do with her, so for now she stays with me.

5-see answers above. Came from my first claim ticket when I started the game.
*I actually tried buying 100 mobacoins to see about buying a legend CP but when I purchased the cp, it took my coins but did not give me the card. A prompt came up saying "Purchase function unavailable at this time but will be coming in the next update which will be very soon". I emailed both mobage and support at RoB and mobage reimbursed me the 100 mobacoins, but I am scared to use them again, since I don't think they'll reimburse me again if it happens again. Still waiting to hear from the support team at RoB about this to see if it is fixed. Too scared to test it again, so I sit, with my 100 mobacoins gathering dust.*

6- My IGN is IrishDart

PS-thanks for a great blog. Really helps out a newb like me, even though a lot of it I don't understand yet, as I'm so low a level still. lol

Rachel Phillips said...

1) Level 50

2) Five free CP tickets.

3) Rares all the way from the claim tickets. Purchased cards are a different story.

4) Not from free claim tickets, no. I have received a handful of High Rares from purchased Legend Card Packs.

5) None from the freebies, but from purchased CP I've received Vampire Lord, Minotaur, Mayahuel, x2 Cybele, Dancing Princess and Master Gunner. All were purchased using RageMedals.

6) Syriune is my game name. :)

Ezyan Fresco said...

1) Level 41
2) i've received a total of 8 Legend CPs
3) Almost all types except SSR. Best was Hermes.
4) yes. Alot.
5) Dancing Princess , Hermes , Nymph, Witch Commander and Mythril Golem. All from Free ones.
6) IGN:xLightSilent

I am looking for w.commander and m.golem.

Referral Code:efu99969

Fletchbone said...

Miz, i saved all of my legendary cp tickets. Should i claim them or wait for an event?


Fábio Barboza said...

1. Level 38.

2. About 6, just got cp claim tickets from daily bonus.

3. From the cp mostly high normal, but i have already become some rares too...

4. I think my best card that i've become was the High Gunner

5. All from claim tickets, I play with my Apple iPad2 and i've never had rage medals...

6. fabiohbarboza

Anonymous said...

1. 45
2. maybe 10
3. high normal (few), rare (most), high rare (several), s rare (few), ss rare (one)
4. yes
5. the ss rare (Andromeda) was from the crystal exchange during the blizzard of the crystal castle, so i guess it was paid for indirectly. i mostly get rare and high rare with the free tickets
6. good1bl

Jonathan Garnier said...

•1• I'm 60.

•2• I've approximatly had 10 free claim tickets.

•3• Most of the time, I receive rare cards but I also had high normal card and one high rare card.

•4• Yes, only one.

•5• My high rare card is Ghost rider. It's my best card for now but i'm enhancing 8 succubus to made a strong one by evolving them.

•6• I don't have any IGN.

Adam Neuenschwander said...

1) Lv.92
2) Aprox. 15-25 claim tickets
3) I have gotten mostly rares maybe one or two high rare and anythin else is lower never got sr ssr or legend cards.
4) Mosly rares got like one or two high rare.
5) These claim tickets i used are all from events and the login. I do not spend money on this game yet! Lol
6) Ign: AJNEU98
Search me if u want but i dont have fellow spot at the momment :( i will free a spot from a weak fellow if needed tho :) i would deffinatly love to get the reward for posting this but if not i dont really care i just figured i would post cause i am a very helpful person :3

BHCKIMx said...

1. Level 48
2. About 10 free claim tickets
3. Rare & High Rares, and one SS RARE
4. SS RARE was the highest
5. I pulled a Cerberus (SS RARE) from a premium card pack I got from Götterdämmerung

Nathan Fisher said...

LVL 154
over 100
all rarity lvls except legend
SSR Quilin (only SSR) and a couple SR. All from Free claim tickets.
*I never received anything good from buying. only the free ones. Best time to purchase is when a new card set is released. start opening the second they come out. I also got mystic dancer last quest. Make sure you exchange in bulk. I got quilin from turning in 40 cp. Everything else was HR and below. But that one Quilin sold and I was able to get fox spirit and sephirot skill 10. Big jump from where I was. Now all of my cards are skill to Great boost. 100k base atk and 95 base def. Just takes a lot of luck.