Friday, June 29, 2012

New High Rares Evo's

Claymore Maid

Stage1: ATK:3380 DEF:2700
PWR Required:25
Skill:[Dragonica Claymore]
Effect:Big boost to man ATK

Trow Elf

Stage 1: ATK:3680 DEF:2390
PWR Required:25
Skill:[Mana Sphere]
Effect:Big boost to gods ATK


Stage 1: ATK:2640 DEF:3440
PWR Required:25
Skill:[Holy Splash]
Effect:Big boost to gods DEF


# Synthetic: # of cards used during Evo process

Straight: No maxing before Evo. Also known as regular Evo

Just before Max: cards that were maxed only after stage 3 Evo and then again after final form. Aka: #-2 Evo.

All Max: Cards that were maxed before and after every stage of the Evo Process. Aka perfect Evo


Anonymous said...

Well at least it gives me a chance to get Gawain x]

erlend heiaas said...

If u got full evo trow elf i really want to trade it for 28hp and some rares... :) my IGN: eheiaas2