Friday, June 29, 2012

Holy Wars? Again?? WTH?

Don't even get me started...

( ¡T_T)\(^-^ )

Now I know what you're all thinking.

"Thought the next event was Slayers/Champions of Fafner?"

"Where's the quest event?"

"Is she really using Japanese symbols to emote her frustration?"

I'll tell you where.
In the hands of the developers. LoL

Notice that this is a resurrected event.

No new cards, Same prizes as from the previous Holy Wars. Along with the term "Resurrection...". So why did they do it?

My sources tell me it's because of their 1,000,000 user campaign. It doesn't look good to go this long without an event. Since the other one is taking longer to format than expected, they went with an easier root. Hence the release of the new HRs (with 19k TRO-ELF! that's only an HR!)
(=´∀`)人(´∀`=), before the announcement of HW. So fear not people. I'm sure a quest event is on the horizon. Just have to wait a little longer than expected.

In my opinion, they rushed out this event to distract us on how they were going to rectify their drop-rate percentage in users around level 2 by throwing them the excitement of the ever powerful and elusive invite card.
( ̄^ ̄)ゞ
Never mind that the decrease is actually caused by the number of emulated users bailing after the referral bonus kicks in! That and they can take at a stab a legend pack. Why do all the work to get to level 10? Unless they increase the HR & up droprate again within the Legend Packs. Because that will at least entice the emulator to stay on till level 10. (−_−;)

Sorry to run of on a tangent, but cygames makes me a little crazy with the way they go around their ass to get to their elbow. I'm sure not making the invite cards harder to obtain will continue to deplete their value for the users who obtain them legitimately. Seeing the stock rise from the personal HP/CW experiment is still yet to be seen. So who knows. Time will only tell.

For more info on HWars go to the Events Tab above.


Bahumut5 said...

Well, they hold a Holy War every month... Thats really it :P

Zuks said...

Has it been that long since the last 1? Jeez

Technomagez said...

Does anyone know if divine retribution works in holy wars? Or can high level players just attack low level players without fear during an order war?

Bahumut5 said...

You can safely attack low lvl players of the order you are in war with.

MoonlitMystery said...

I'm so sad! I went back to dumping my attribute points into my stamina

Zuks said...

Don't be too depressed that will pay off for the quest event. Another one will come, just might be a little longer than expected

David Spencer said...

Think of it this way. Hopefully they tweak the fafner event and release new high rare event cards. For new users they now have an opportunity to get some rare cards our the gate with the increased value of hp. Best tactic now is to sell your cards to them and stock up :)