Monday, July 2, 2012

Victory Raised through Morale

Did you know about the Victory Raised through Morale Bonuses? 

If you attack and win a lot of times you will see an image that says "Morale Raised through Victory 10% Boost for the next 10mins" Did you also know that if you use a few holy powders within that time frame, it will eventually go up to 30%? Then you have a better chance of winning against the high ranking players for more Honor Points! So make sure you're planning your decks out and attacks right.  Using 3 holy powders a day can easily boost a player with base attack of 65k into the top 500 each day.  Which in my opinion can be more beneficial than waiting till holy wars because there is a higher payout with how often you have to use holy powder vs. how much you gain.  I'm sure a lot of you experts already know this, but if you didn't I hope this help get you more points.

Click here for more info on Battle Ranking

Just wanted to show you guys how easy it is to make top 100 using this method.

I used 5hp yesterday and battled a few times throughout the day.

Imagine what rank you could actually achieve by trying!

Good luck my friends!

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Zuks said...

This also shows up HWars FYI ;)