Thursday, June 21, 2012

Trade Offers from IGN: MizMizuki

• Your Holy Powder & Cure Water
I will pay $50k for each HP & $25k for each CW. Currently only trading my rares or below for your hp and cw. Do not include on HRs and up.
• Your Devil Queens -I will give you your choice of...
[My 4 HP or CW]
[One Knight Luciella. (If you don't see any ask me, I can get them]

•Your  Final Form 4 max evo Ares
- I will give you the following options or similar offer here ...
[My 2 unevo HRs, 25cw & 30hp]
[My 5 Unevo'd HRs] - we can negotiate depending on my availability
[My $5million, 30hp & 25cw]
[My 4maxFF Master Gunner]

• Your Un-Evo God HRs (ex. Ares, Elaine, Principality)
(No lower power cards like bunnies)
- will give you the following options or similar offer..
[My Man or Demon unevo'd HR Card]
[My 20hp]
[My 15hp & $500k]
[My 3-4 Dark Knights (ask if you don't see them, bc I always have these]

• Your Un-Evo Man or Demon HRs that I need or want
(No lower power cards like bunnies)
[My Similar Un-Evo Man or Demon Card]
[My 20hp]
[My 15hp & $250k]
[My 3 Dark Knights (ask if you don't see them, bc I always have these]

• Trading Temptress for best offer, must be at least another UE SR

If you want any of my HRs, I will normally sell them to you for around 20-35hp, but this depends on what they are. I have quite a few that you may not be able to see, if you are looking for something send me a support in the game and I can probably get it.

• I don't want your rares or evo'd HRs made of them, any of these trades will be rejected

• Do not try and trade me a combo of rares for my hr cards and up, also my ifrit is a skill level 10. I will only trade that for an awesome Evo'd SS Rare God card (ex. Michael... Not Valkyrie!)

• Don't try and trade me an Evo'd HR that I already have or don't want.

Be sure to look at my card's Skill Level! Cards like my FF iFrit have a skill level of 10 Giving this skill a 50% boost! This is easily comparable to an FF Fairy Princess.  So I will only accept a card like this, I will even disregard your cards skill level.

• I always try to be fair & if you send me an offer that is ridiculously low, rather than tell u that, I will waste your time by letting trade time out so you are stuck there wondering.


To find me in the UserSearch type in "MizMiz". My username is MizMizuki from God Realm.  Good Luck to all of you!

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If my trade offers in the game are full, leave me a Support Message in the Game
Don't forget to include the following information:

• What evo stage offer your cards are at 
• Whether or not they are maxed
• Your in game name & level


Anonymous said...

Do you mind looking through my inventory and seeing if I have any combo of cards/items/rupies that would be worth trading for a siegmund? I haven't quite figured out what's fair yet, but I know I've been screwed before. Thanks for your help!
ign dakees

Zuks said...

Yup maybe it's time for me to include a fair trading section in this blog. Give me a bit to look through your stuff and reply

Anonymous said...

What good god cards are u willing to trade to me from my inventory of cards, items n rupies that is fair.... I try to Exchange my best cards that aren't god cards for equal god cards but don't usually get good trades...can u please check my inventory n let me knw if ur interested in trading..

Ign: DeathF0x12

The letter O is actually a number zero

Anonymous said...

I have a titan off I received in a trade. Carries around 16k+at and def of 12k+ with a skill level of many titans were in the evo and what is it worth in trade?

Zuks said...

Look in the Evo spreadsheet chart button up top

Joshua Gallaway said...

Would you please look at my inventory, and give me any pointers that you might have. I am new, but I play all day and buy cards when I can. I just don't want to waste my money, so any help would be appreciated. IGN flexpav. Thank you and I love your site, and an awesome plus... you're a jersey girl !

Zuks said...

from what I see Flexpav, you are off to a good start. I see you are god realm, but have a pretty big mix of man and god cards. My advice to you would be to pick a realm and specialize your deck accordingly [God will give you a 2% bost btw].

Now about you cards. Your best card is without a doubt, one of the top man cards out there, ESPECIALLY FOR A DEF LEADER! That card gives a 15% boost to Man's def, where as most other "great cards" only grant a 10% boost [ ].

So How do you trade it? Well if you don't want to aim for a def leader or stay within the man realm, I would recommend that switch you over to Gods.
[Believe it or not Valkyrie has the exact same effect on God's Attacks as Lance does to man's].

The reason hilds are going for so cheap right now is bc of all the alternate accounts people are making to gain the referral bonuses and feeder cards. Because of that, I would say that you could easily get 12 hilds for that 1 UE Lance. Only get them evo'd in final form if they were 6card maxed or higher, you will know that bc the FF max will be A:14172 & D:9528.

If you get the twelve hilds UE'd, Do a 6 card evo max on both. See the Evo sections in this blog if you need help doing that. *You might even be able to get 2 God HR cards if the hilds come to you UE'd. See what you can finagle (if you're from Dirty Jersey, I'm sure u know what that

Just remember by level 40, you should only be grabbing cards that have realm specific skills (because their boosts are more powerful). So make sure you have a realm specialized deck by then.

Let me know if you have any questions & Good Luck!

Joshua Gallaway said...

Damn girl, thanks for all the great advice. Im gonna try to get those hilds for my lance. I need to read over the evo section a couple more times though.

ixInfinitexi said...

i need to get rid of my bunny lillith full enhance full evo, please help :/

harry4life said...

I'm after 3 Lancelot's willing to pay with hp also looking for devil queens.

David Spencer said...

My in game name is spencerdj121 i have an ifirit i just picked up and looking to trade it for some good high rares. Looking for only god i dont have the time keep lookong and trading for ifirit. Nymph high rare is top of my list