Thursday, June 21, 2012

Slayers of Fafner Event

ROB's Next Event is...

The Slayers of Fafner!

This is a quest event in which players perform event-only quests within the window of the event timeframe.

This Event follows up on the last quest event, "The Roar of the Dragons." It will include the story of how Fafner was defeated.

During these quests, players will randomly find the "Champions of Fafner." Once a player finds a champion, they will be put in a battle.
Here, they can call on their fellows and order members to help defeat them. Once defeated, they will be able to claim these champions as cards for their decks.

If all Champions are found, the player is rewarded with the card shown above:

SS Card Dark Dragoon
Attack: 4020 Defense: 3010
Skill: Massive Boost to Demons Attack & Def
In Final Form the Dark Dragoon allows for the following...

Full 4 Card Max Evo:
Attack: 20744
Defense: 19588
Full 6 Card Max Evo:
Attack: 21388
Defense: 20196
Perfect 8 Max Evo:
Attack: 21468
Defense: 20272

Skill Boost raises Demon Cards Attack & Defense by 15%

Event Only Prize Cards...

On the Left: Rare Anemone: Attack: 1850 Def: 2320
Skill: Medium Hit to Human's Attack
On the Right: HR Rusaryi: Attack: 2490 Defense: 3180
Skill: Big Hit to Human's Attack

On the Left: Rare Flying Witch: Attack: 2330 Defense: 1840
Skill: Medium Hit to Demon's Defense
On the Right: HR Holy Dragoon: Attack: 3150 Defense: 2520
Skill: Big Hit to Champion's Defense

On the Left:

SR Griffin Rider
Attack: 3840 Defense: 3010
Skill: Great Boost to Attack (all)

Full 4 Max Card Evo:
Attack: 19836
Defense: 15522
Skill Boost: 10% Boost to all Attack Cards

On the Left: Rare Stymphalian Bird: Attack:2320 Def: 1850
Skill: Medium Hit to God's Defense
HR Garuda Birdman: Attack: 2500 Def: 3170
Skill: Big Hit to God's Attack

Do you have your Order ready for this event?


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robert angel said...

Do you have anymore info on this event?

Zuks said...

I translated most of it off the Japanese site. What were you wondering about? I'll see if I can find the answer for u.

Zuks said...

I'm looking at these pix now on mobile version, Left is actually the first pic then right is the latter.

khbi said...

Damn,I'm pumped up,do u know when this event starts??

Zuks said...

Should be sometime next week, although cant say definitely, Bc RoB always pushes things back when they get behind.

khbi said...

Nxt week?! Wow thnx for replying

Zenova Nova said...

Announcement will be next week, event will be the week following. Should be cw based.

Zuks said...

Yes that's a great point about the CW! A lot of ppl are still fighting off the HW buzz. See if u can get them cheap before announcement.

Zane Tan said...

What are the emulators you posted about in the battle rankings page?

Zane Tan said...

Are they hacks?

Zuks said...

Emulators are secondary accounts that use a hack to fake the source of where they're coming from to get verified. This way they receive the bonuses, you can't get from simply opening a second account on your original account's iPhone or android.

Zane Tan said...

Oh I see are there anymore hacks for rob?

Bahumut5 said...

So about 10 days ago, I made this:

Its fun how you suddenly add this to your site and call it the exact same name while the name was nothing more than speculations from myself.

I don't mind people using the data, but could you please say where you got the info from?

Yes, I got it from the Japanese site, but I asked the developers them self if I was allowed to get info from them. And the info on the Japanese site didn't say "Slayers of Fafner", but it rather had a different name.

Zuks said...

yes you are correct they said champions of fafner. which is what googled and i came across a wiki site that had similar info, perhaps it was yours, but no where was it said that site belonged to anyone in particular. Last time I checked, wiki sources are public info. The pictures and most of the translations were taken from various japanese sites similar to wiki. But, if you feel the need to be meticulous, there are quite a few differences. First, your site, doesn't have the cards skills. Second, my site has the forth evo of the Dark Dragoon. Third, my site has the full max evo card stats. Just wanted to prove the point that I wasn't trying to plagiarize your work. But if copywriting the name is your thing, again all apologies. All the math and stats were done by myself. However, if you are claiming that you came up with the name, "Slayers of Fafner," then by all means take credit for it. I never claimed to come up with that name. Since I saw it listed in more than one place, I was under the assumption, they had that name picked out. I apologize for any misunderstanding. I'm just trying to provide information to my ROB readers, to better prepare them for things to come. The only parts of this blog I lay personal claim to are the parts that say "In my opinion" Where as other parts, like the skill chart were taken from specific sites. As a final reiteration, I saw the slayers of fafner on two sites, so I assumed it was public knowledge. Perhaps, the second site which was a blog, took the name from you as well. But just to let everyone know, Bahamut5 came up with the name. Please be sure to thank him for his hardwork ;)

Bahumut5 said...

Uhm, sorry, I think I wasn't quite to the point :/

Its not that I am obsessed with this kind of stuff, I just want to clarify that I found this "Event", gave it a name, and posted it online. What worries me now though, is that I see a lot of people relinking it, but people don't seem to know that most of this event is "Speculations". Right now, I actually have contact with the Developers them self to ask for clarification. I found 2 different versions of this:
#1 would mean that this is an event.
#2 would mean that this is just a special time where extra cards will be added in the game and can be obtained by "surprise" (from quests & card packs or whatever, I am not sure how).

What worries me is that everybody now links speculated info, and act like its a fact.

Again, I am not really interested in getting my name called everywhere, I just want to avoid conflict if it turns out this info is not correct...

If I get a mail back from the developers, Ill inform you as well by the way, so all of us will have the correct info on our blogs/sites..

Sorry if I sounded too hostile, but the idea of this event suddenly becoming something different and everybody thinking this is how its supposed to be kinda scared me when nobody adds to their site these are mere speculations :/

Zuks said...

Fair enough, but I will say say this. The Japanese site I get most of my info from always says which cards come with which event. So far there hasn't been one difference as far as the cards go. I think people just enjoy having a general idea of what comes next. If for some reason, it changes... I think having an overall idea of the "big picture" more than makes up for that. Thoughts?

Zuks said...

Zane, I'm sure there are as there are many hacks any developer can create to modify a game. I want to stress though that this isn't the purpose of the blog to help you "hack the game"

Bahumut5 said...

Well anyway, thanks for understanding, and I apologize as well if I sounded too hostile. I let my private home problems get the best of me and I guess I sounded a bit too annoyed ;)

Keep up the good work, and thanks again.

Zuks said...

No problem, perhaps we can get together and discuss our findings before posting about new events. Help streamline the "hear-say". If this suits you email me @ Take care ☻

David Spencer said...

Man it's holy wars again :(

Brandon Cowan said...

So is this event really going to happen? Seeing as how they are now showing Tears of the Moon? I'm personally really stoked for that dark dragoon. =3