Friday, June 15, 2012

Great Question!

Åke said...
I have a clean Sukteh SR and I am looking to trade down so that I can get a good ATK deck. What would a fair and good trade be? I am playing man and was wondering what best deal would be for me.
Any hint advice would be good.

Zuks said...
Great Question!
No matter what anyone tells you, it is smart to trade down for your SR and SS single cards, Why? Bc the chances of you being able to make trades or buy 10,000 rage medals to get more of that card are slim to none.
So it depends on how new you are. If you want an almost full starter deck of cards, you can get it with the Sukteh or any other SR. What you can ask for is 2-3 sets of evo'd HR cards (Those are rare cards that have been evo'd to make a high rare).
If You just need one good card in your deck you can ask for an Evo'd SR (card that was evo'd using 4 High Rares). But this depends on the card, how much power it uses, & its skill. Also Max Evo's may be harder to get with single SRs bc normally ppl that you are trading are already using them in their deck and one SR wont replace that unless they have 3 others that are the same as yours.
Hope this Helps!
Also See if you can get a few of the new invite cards for your HRs & SSs if you are new, I only suggest this for Lucielle, She's perfect for a beginner because of the skill boost she gives.

If you need help finding them feel free to message me in the game: MizMizuki


Anonymous said...


Can you say what you mean by "10,000 rage medals"?


Zuks said...

Yes. Rage medals are the iPhones version of mobacoins or whatever android is calling them now. The stuff you spend actual money for