Thursday, August 9, 2012

Mina the New Invite Card!

The New Invite Card is here!

Finally an invite card that actually is worth chasing! So 24 Hours after release this card is in high demand! I have seen her go for as low as 7hp and as high as 20hp during this time frame.  Get it as cheap as you can now before people start realizing you create more than a 19 card evo.  Below is the information I know at this point.  Please fill in the blanks if you can.

So it takes a minimum of 19 cards to equal this card's straight evo FF.
Heres the breakdown of the stats if you evolve just 19 cards:
If marked unknown and you know the answer, please post

Stage 1 - School Girl Mina (Rare): 10 Power

Skill: [Book Search]Effect: Medium hit to foe's DEF (all)
Card Max Base:  A: 1450 
D:   850 

Card+ Max Base:  A: 1850 
D:   950

3 Card Max Base:  A: unknown 
D: unknown

4 Card Max Base:  A: unknown 
D: unknown
5 Card Max Base:  A: unknown 
D: unknown
Each Card Evolves into Maxed Version/ No Enhancing Required
This is for 19 Card Straight Only, Other Evos will be higher
*If card value is known please report in comments below, thanks (this is for 19 card evo only)

↧ ↧ ↧ ↧ ↧  Minimum of 6 cards gets you to ↧ ↧ ↧ ↧ ↧ 

Stage 2 - Man Skull Summoner Mina (High Rare)PWR Required: 13

Skill: [Book Shield]Effect: Big hit to foe's DEF (all)
Card Max Base:  A: 1990 
D: 1350 

Card+ Max Base:  A: 2070 
D: 1420

3 Card Max Base:  A: 2160 
D: 1510

4 Card Max Base:  A: 2250 
D: 1600
5 Card Max Base:  A: 2340 
D: 1690
Each Card Evolves into Maxed Version/ No Enhancing Required
This is for 19 Card Straight Only, Other Evos will be higher

↧ ↧ ↧ ↧ ↧  Minimum of 11 cards gets you to ↧ ↧ ↧ ↧ ↧

Stage 3 -Man Mana Reader Mina (S Rare): PWR Required: 17

Skill: [Book Reader]Effect: Great hit to foe's DEF (all)

Card Max Base:      A: 2730 
D: 1680 

Card+ Max Base:    A: 2790 
D: 1780

3 Card Max Base:  :   A: 2880 
D: 1870

4 Card Max Base:    A: 2970 
D: 1960

5 Card Max Base:      A: 3060 
D: 2050 

6 Card Max Base:    A: 3150 
D: 2140

7 Card Max Base:  :   A: 3240 
D: 2230

8 Card Max Base:    A: 3330 
D: 2320
Each Card Evolves into Maxed Version/ No Enhancing Required
This is for 19 Card Straight Only, Other Evos will be higher

↧ ↧ ↧ ↧ ↧  Minimum of 19 cards gets you to ↧ ↧ ↧ ↧ ↧

FINAL FORM -Man [Magic Librarian] Grimoire Mina (SS Rare):  

Base ATK: 4970 DEF: 3410 

19 Card Max ATK: 13000 DEF: 8550

Skill: [Divine Grimoire]
Effect: Massive hit to foe's DEF (all) (15% hit to your opponents)

PWR Required: 26

Interested in hearing on high she can go by doing synthetic 
(ex. Card++ evo'd with Card++, etc...)
rather than straight evo (Card+ or higher that is only evo'd with another unevo'd Card)
Yes it is possible!



Zuks said...

Please ignore any comments posted by users asking for your username or password saying their affiliated with cygames. If this continues the site will go back to admin approved comments only. Which takes around 24hrs for your comments to show up.

Mr3dPHD said...

I have a Mina++ from 4 cards. Stats are ATK 1990 DEF 1070

After reading this though, sounds to me like a straight evo with unevo'd Minas is the only reasonable way to go! I guess doing a 36 evo wouldn't be out of the question though...two 18s and then evoing them together. It would probably be a pretty reasonable increase right?

joshua andrews said...

I am not i prefer self boosters. I don't know how u feel about them ? Maybe if the r cheap enough i will feed them to shen for skill boost. Lol

Renbail said...

I'm currently "trying" to get perfect Grimoire Mina. haha good luck right? Anyway from what I have. Using the 16 - 15 method (16 cards with 15 evolution) I got a perfect Schoolgirl Mina +4 of ATT: 2222 and DEF: 1298. Working on getting another perfect +4 then I'll get the first stage of Skull Summoner Mina. Perfect, I'm still buying Mina cards for 5hp, seeing it will take some time to get a perfect Grimoire. ^^;

Zuks said...

Awesome let us know how she turns out.

darkshanx said...

A perfect grimoire Nina takes 262,144. I was sad enough ti work it out thinkin I could get a perfect one but have stuck with the idea of just 19 :)

darkshanx said...

Sorry about the errors *mina *to

Mr3dPHD said...

I still think using 36 would be best. It's like the difference between a 4 card evo and a 6 card evo. 36 is a lot more than 19, but it's certainly within reason.

Renbail said...

Does anyone even know what the final ATT/DEF would be in a perfect Grimoire?

HealthyLivingBlogger said...
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XCON1 said...

Selling my SSR Mina. Ign:xcon1

Renbail said...

Still traveling on the road to a perfect Grimoire, would need help. But so far, a perfect Skull Summoner Mina as a max ATT 2436 DEF 1610

Tyler Arndt said...

36 Mina - Grimoire Base Stats
ATK : 5740
DEF: 3940
Enchanting it now will update when done.

Mr3dPHD said...

Awesome Tyler! This is what I'm really interested in.

Cincinatus said...
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Cincinatus said...

the rumors are that mina with 36 is

9040 def

it is a very heated debate!

also to max evolve it would be about 44 years.

Cincinatus said...

IF this is true would it be better to have 2 (19 card minas) or 1 (36 card mina) in your attk deck

Renbail said...

Don't you think any # cards higher than 36 would be better?

Cincinatus said...

all the talk online is that even using 19 thousand cards still gets you barely above 13k

Vincent said...

My Mana Reader Mina +6 is only at 3751/2551 and that's with using about 27 cards. Had her at first final form then created another first final form, then combined. I didn't see a huge difference. From there, I was running out of Mina's and did something else (which I forgot). I don't know that she'll all that much trouble at being Perfect, yet having at least 2 19 evolved Mina's in your deck.

IGN johncfl71

Fr3ddykrueger66 said...

I can get you some Mina cards I think I have one now and I know I'll have 2 more in about an hour what's you rob name so I can set up a trade mines fr3ddykrueger66 send me a support with how many Mina's u need and I'll get them for u

Chris Lee said...

This is correct, just finished mine.

Mr3dPHD said...

I would love to know what an evo down to the next tier would be. In other words, four Minas evolved to the 17th level and then evo'd together (68 total). How much of an increase from a 36 evo would it be?

Nazri Othman said...

I wanna a new user for this game, and i wanna ask about the meaning of "hp".. ive heard u all wanna trade cards for certain amount of hp. What is hp actually?

Zuks said...

Holy powder

Mr3dPHD said...

Holy Powder is basically the currency of this game. Two other acronyms you should know are CW = Cure Water & HW = Holy War

Elamb98 said...

Wow don't waste your time trying to get higher evos. I started going after the "perfect Mina" too but after tracking a perfect skull summoner + I decided it would take far too much time and resources. So form there on out I evo'ed every step with a like step straight evo. Ie I evo'ed my perfect Skull Summon Mina + with another skull summon +. Then took the resulting ++ and evo'ed it with another ++ all the way to final form. I'd say about 600 cards for 13266attk and 9060 def :(. Totally disappointed

Mr3dPHD said...

YIkes!!! That's awful!

Vincent said...

I did a 31 card FF Grimoire Mina and her ATK is 13058. I see others with Grimoire Mina and there's is 13000. They used 36 cards. I guess it depends on how you evolve them. Like I used a Mana Reader Mina ++ and a School Girl Mina ++ I believe. Then I read to get a 27k Mina would take twice as many cards and gave up. Lol

xlrome said...

ign - xlrome

how do you properly evo mina Zuks? I normally do 6-10 evos which I learned from your site thank you very much! I want to have a 13xx attack mina. Thanks for your help and your site I check it daily

Vincent said...

I know xlrome that the comment was for Zuks; however, I believe it takes a minimum of 19 cards to get the 13k. Adding more cards like I did really didn't amount to much more in attack.

xlrome said...

Umm Vincent, Thanks but your not answering my question. "How do you properly evo mina?" is my question. Literally.. is it just adding mina's back to back 19 in a row? or is it like a 6-10 evo? I would appreciate it if someone would explain in detail.

Mr3dPHD said...

It's just what you said...evo them back to back. Pretty easy.

Vincent said...

Yes. Evolve 6 School Girl Mina's back to back (1 School Girl as the Evolver card) to get Skull Summoner Mina. Evolve into Skull Summoner Mina another 5 School Girl Mina's to get Mana Reader Mina. 11 Mina's used. Evolve into Mana Reader Mina another 8 School Girl Mina's to get Grimoire Mina. 19 used. From there, max enhance to get to 13k ATK and 8k DEF.

xlrome said...

Thank You Vincent!! I understand now. I really appreciate you taking the time out to post it.

Jonny Cage said...

Incredible information here guys! Thank you!

So, I have been evo'ing by School Girl Mina's like I evo any other card; (base) + (base), (base+) + (base+), and so on. From what I've read, I'm I safe in assuming that I'm completely mis-evolving my Mina's?

Vincent said...

@xlrome: no problem.
@Johnny Cage: If you're just going for a simple 13k ATK Grimoire Mina, yeah. Doing it the way your are may eventually get you to a Perfect Grimoire Mina, but it'll take a ton of cards. If you have the time and the resources, stick with it. I did a 31 card and gave up. Mina's at 13k are loosing value atm selling for 50-60HP max. So, what you put into the card you may never recover; however, if you can get to a Perfect, you'll definitely make tons off of it at 27k. Good luck. I'd like to see it personally.

Jonny Cage said...

Thanks, Vincent. Don't know how far I wanna take it yet. I have a perfect School Girl Mina+4 right now and it's already getting redundant. Don't even have a Skull Summoner Mina yet. Getting irritated...

Vincent said...

If you saw Elamb98 used a ton of cards and still ended up with 13266 atk. I just calculated the amount of cards and it would take approx. 262,144 cards to make a Perfect Grimoire Mina at 27k. WOW!!!

Jonny Cage said...

That's completely ridiculous! Real nice, Mobage. Thanks for giving us a card that is impossible to complete.

Jonny Cage said...

So I'm guessing it would be who of me to simply evo what I have with base School Girl Mina's from now on?

Mr3dPHD said...

Jonny, if I were you I'd put it up for sale on the boards man. Let someone else take over. You put too much into it to simply evo it up.

Jonny Cage said...

I'll see what I can do until trades resume. I probably will sell it eventually. Thanks for all the help guys!

Vincent said...

Yeah Jonny. idk. Given that calculation and that they're are approx. 3mil user's, that only allows up to 11 Perfect Mina's in the market. Of course, if there's more than 3mil accounts at level 10, it could be slightly more.