Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Evo stats re-vamped.

Notice Regarding Stats

Over the next 2 weeks I will be redoing the card Evo stat section to make it easier to view on mobile devices. Please bear with me while undertaking this change.


Arbiter said...

will there be evo stats for the cards missing?

Zuks said...

I'll try and get as many as I can. List whichever ones u need that don't see here

Arbiter said...

well neaira rahu and holy lance
thor and that other demon sr and also Cleopatra
hati hermes and thats all i need
please and thank you

Zuks said...

Hati's and Hermes are there. Hati's is under the name Lahti though. Search through my recent posts. Hermes is listed below underneath Evo Stat Chart

Zuks said...

As for the new ones I havent had a chance to post them yet due to HW. If you need a price check go to http://ragetrades.forumotion.com and ask in price checker and for FF stats to be posted.

I will tell you that FF Thor is 21k attack, thats the first calc I did hahaha

Arbiter said...

ok thanks you neaira is 16k
and man thor sounds good lol oh and good luck in holy war even though its almost over

Nick claritin said...

Was the ff thor stat 4 or 6 card evol?